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Improve Your Organisational Performance.

Develop and Advance Your Employee Performance with Live Skill-Based Virtual Training

The Learning Tree+ Enterprise Advantage is an annual subscription plan designed to have an immediate impact on organisational performance and productivity through leadership, project management and technical skills development. It provides a flexible training solution with tailored learning paths to create an alignment between organisational goals and individual training needs. Employees gain access to a curated collection of our skill-based, live online courses, which can be attended any time, anywhere and at a convenient fixed price. Plus, they receive guidance from real-world practitioners and are given the tools needed to obtain industry-specific certifications to excel in their careers and help you maintain a billable staff.

Learning Tree+
Build Skilled Employees & Higher Organisational Performance

Plan Benefits Also Include:

Unlimited Access to Live Learning
from Anywhere


Your workforce gets access to our live Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses. From project management and leadership to cyber security, learners can choose from a comprehensive range of Guaranteed-To-Run (GTR) courses to support upskilling needs, in-demand certifications, and continuous learning about the technologies that power organisations today.

Develop Talent without Training
Budget Concerns


Learning Tree+ Advantage Plan lets you invest in the development of your employees with a fixed price designed to maximise your training budget and annual cost savings. Select courses that are consistent with current job roles, providing you with measurable training results and a needs-based solution to upskilling.

Highly Coveted Certifications for Success


Learning Tree has partnered with leading accreditation organisations to create a comprehensive curriculum of practice exam content for in-demand certifications. When you provide your employees with opportunities to attain industry-recognised certifications, you not only give them more confidence, but you increase the chances of retaining your top talent.

Real-World Instruction to Facilitate Growth


Your staff will receive high-impact instruction from industry experts. Our real-world instructors will help them acquire a wide range of technical and people skills, along with the knowledge needed to take on new or existing challenges.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Courses


Practice Exams & Labs


Downloadable Course Materials


After Course Coaching Program


Dedicated Enterprise Solution Manager


Comprehensive Guaranteed Dates


Did you know that the average worker is more likely to remain with a company that invests in their career and continued development?

Don’t lose your top talent. Invest in your workforce today!

94% of employees said they would stay in a company longer if it invested in their learning and development
91% of companies and 81% of employees say developmental training has increased productivity at work
93% of employees said that well-planned training programs positively impact their level of engagement

Invest in your workforce


Increase organisational performance


Accelerate Your Team’s Chance for Success

Learning Tree has helped develop more than 3 million professionals around the world.

Maximise your skills training budget.

Gain a competitive advantage by investing in your people with Learning Tree+ Enterprise Advantage Plan.

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A global leader in skills development and certification, Learning Tree has provided world-class training solutions, coaching, and mentorship programs to more than 3 million professionals and 65,000 organizations globally. We possess the world’s largest library of proprietary content and lead the global training industry with more than 600+ real-world instructors. Our award-winning virtual learning platform is accessible anywhere and to anyone in the world with a desire to upskill, change careers, or pursue the job of their dreams.


The Learning Tree+ Enterprise Advantage Plan is for enterprise-level organisations enrolling (5) or more employees. Terms & Conditions Apply

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