Learning Tree International Ltd - Quality Policy

Learning Tree International Limited is headquartered in the UK and provides IT and professional development training and services solutions to businesses across the EMEA region.  Curricula include: IT; Leadership; Management skills; Personal Effectiveness; Project Management and more (a full list and detailed descriptions can be found on our website at www.learningtree.co.uk). 

Quality is at the heart of our organisation and is the foundation of our philosophy.  We are committed to facilitating learning of the highest quality, enabling the rapid and effective transfer of skills and desired behaviours that, in turn, enable our clients to increase productivity and competitiveness. 

We regard Quality as providing our customers with a prompt, informed and responsive interface with learning content that resonates with the learner.  Everything we do centres on delivering business benefits to client organisations and their employees; in doing so we ensure that we satisfy all applicable requirements.

Our goal is to be recognised as a leading global learning and development partner.  Our business plans and objectives are set to achieve this goal and we are committed to operating, maintaining and resourcing a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and to be independently certified to this standard.   The directors, management and staff are all responsible for the quality of their work and, in line with Learning Tree's own values, we strive to continually improve the degree to which our products and services meet our clients’ requirements and to measure the effectiveness of our processes.   

We provide the environment, the opportunity for individual development and achievement, and any required training to support all personnel in achieving these objectives.

This policy is reviewed at regular Quality Management Meetings for continued suitability and relevance.

Ben Kite

Managing Director, EMEA
Learning Tree International Limited

Document reference:  ISO 703-QMS-002