Learning Tree International Commercial Terms and Conditions

Learning Tree International limits, the provision of its educational services to employees of corporations, partnerships and government organisations who are sponsored by their respective organisations. This agreement is between Learning Tree International and the employer.


Our Guarantee of Quality provides our customers with the opportunity to attend the course of their choice—and then pay only if 100% satisfied with the value of the course. If a customer sends us a written notice of dissatisfaction with a course within  fourteen days of the course, the customer will have the option of retaking the course at no charge, applying prepaid tuition fees against another course attendance, receiving a full refund of any course tuition fees paid or a credit against any unpaid invoices for that course. If a customer used a Training Voucher or Training Passport for the course, the attendance would not count against the Training Voucher, Training Passport balance. This guarantee will only apply if the customer completes the longer of (a) attending one full day or (b) attending half of the course.


  • Payment is required prior to attendance or the granting of access to a course or service. 
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
    • Credit card charges will be in the currency of the country where the class takes place and will be converted by your credit card company at applicable exchange rates as determined by your credit card company.
    • Learning Tree International is not responsible for changes in costs due to exchange rates fluctuations.
    • Applicable taxes will be applied to your invoice.
    • When using prepaid products, applicable taxes will be deducted from the available balance.
    • Customer will maintain complete and accurate billing and contact information and must notify Learning Tree of any inaccuracies on an invoice prior to its due date.


We welcome the enrolment of a qualified substitute in an enrollee’s place provided the customer notifies us in writing before the first day of the course (excludes third-party certification courses). 100% of any prepaid course tuition fees will be credited against the course tuition fee of the substitute. However, the substitute may not take advantage of any discount programme for which he or she is not otherwise qualified. Training Passports and Subscription plans are non-transferable and therefore are not eligible for substitution. Substitutions for On-Demand Courses are excluded.


Cancellations or transfers may be made without any penalty no later than fifteen days before the course start date. If a customer transfers to another course prior to fifteen days before the start date 100% of any prepaid tuition fees will be applied toward the fee for the subsequent course. If a customer transfers or cancels within fifteen days  of the course start date a fee equal to 100% of the course tuition fee will be due and payable for standard attendances. Attendances associated with a Learning Tree programme will be subject to a cancellation or transfer fee of £500. Training Passports and Flex Voucher Packs cannot be used after their expiration date, and a course cancellation or transfer by the customer will not extend a Training Passport or Flex Voucher Pack expiration date.


Training Passports are non-transferable and can only be used to pay for course tuition fees for the named holder and cannot be used to attend courses either in excess of the specified number of courses or courses that start after the Training Passport expires. Training Passports are non-cancellable and non-refundable.  Learning Tree International reserves the right to exclude certain courses from eligibility in the Training Passport Programme.


FlexVoucher Pack agreements are purchase arrangements that provide discounts based on the initial committed volume of the customer purchase. FlexVoucher’s are transferable within an organisation and can be used to pay for the attendance of any qualified course participant. Customers may attend as many courses covered by the value of the FlexVoucher Pack purchase. The FlexVoucher Pack sales are final and non-refundable, with a start date beginning on the earlier of the first course attended or 30 days after the purchase date and expiration of 12 months after the start date.  Learning Tree reserves the right to exclude courses from eligibility in the FlexVoucher Programme or require more than one voucher for premium courses.


Subscription Membership Programmes provide annual access to learning resources of common interest, including community, and live events to programme members on an auto-renewing basis. Programme members will abide by the posted Community Guidelines and Learning Tree reserves the right to remove members for violations. Purchases under the programme are non-refundable with payment due in advance or upon invoice receipt. Designed to serve the needs of a single practitioner, the programme membership is not transferable, and sharing the membership account or content is not permitted. Subscription members not wishing to auto-renew, must provide at least forty-five days’ notice in writing of their instruction prior to the renew date. If forty-five days’ notice is not provided the renewed Subscription invoice is payable under the terms of contract.



The Professional Certificate Programmes are designed with an integrated learning approach, encompassing the following components

  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment: Access to tools to evaluate the participant's learning needs and progress.
  • Collaborative Learning: Participants and instructors share real-world experiences, knowledge, and tools improving the experience and learning outcomes.
  • Hands-On Training: Instructor-led sessions both in-person and virtually, on-demand courses, micro labs, and capstone projects.
  • Professional Coaching: Personalised guidance and support provided in accordance with the specific program.


The duration and specific components included in each Professional Certificate Programme vary depending on the programme chosen by the participant. Details regarding each specific program’s period, included components, and certificate completion can be found on the following webpage: Learning Tree Professional Certificate Programmes | Learning Tree.


Enrollment in a Professional Certificate Programme is individual-specific and cannot be transferred to another individual once attendance starts. Each enrollment grants access to the programme components to one designated participant. The programme fee must be paid in full before the programme starts. By enrolling in the Professional Certificate Program, participants agree to these terms.


Upon enrollment in any of our programmes, participants agree to both attend and fulfil all payment obligations. Programme fees are non-refundable unless the participant provides written notice to cancel or transfer the programme 30 days or more prior to the programme start date.


We understand that participants may face challenges in attending live Hands-On Training sessions. To accommodate this, all live sessions will be recorded and made accessible to enrolled participants to ensure that all participants can benefit from the full curriculum, regardless of availability to attend live sessions.


The course tuition fee for on-site courses is due and payable within thirty (30) days following the course start date.

Course Cancellation or Postponement

      • If the Customer cancels, postpones or reschedules a course, the following cancellation fees will apply, plus any unrecoverable travel, accommodation, course material, exam and development charges (if applicable) already incurred by the Supplier:

Cancellation/Postponement Notice

Cancellation Fee

11-15 UK working days

25% of Course Base Fee

6-10 UK working days

50% of Course Base Fee

0-5 UK working days

100% of Course Base Fee

      • If customisation work has been performed and the Customer cancels the course with more than fifteen UK working days’ notice, the development fee (or part thereof) will be charged.
      • The Supplier reserves the right to cancel the course in the event of any circumstances beyond its control.  In such cases, its liability will be limited to the refunding of any fees paid in respect of the delivery of the course.


Room Hire is subject to Terms and Conditions that will be notified to the customer prior to the start of the Room Hire period and are available on request. Invoices for Room Hire fees are due and payable within thirty (30) days of the invoice date.



We are committed to assisting course participants with disabilities. Upon written request from a participant’s employer, at least two weeks before the start of the course, we will reserve a space or seat in the classroom and/or additional facilities as needed to assist any participant with particular needs, as far as it is practical to do so and at no additional cost. The employer of the participant is responsible for all other costs of any necessary accommodation, including Auxiliary Aides. Please call +44 (0)207 874 5000 at least fourteen days before the start of the course so that Learning Tree can arrange for the additional facilities as required.


The customer agrees that all course participants will abide by security measures in effect at the course location.


GTR – Guaranteed to Run

Guaranteed-to-run events are marked on the webpage with a green tick next to the selected run date. GTR will confirm that the event will execute on that date but does not guarantee the course host location or whether it will be delivered in-class or virtually. Learning Tree International shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever.


Occasionally, Learning Tree International may need to change a course location, course date, or postpone a course. We will try to give the customer as much notice as possible of any such change. If the customer is unable to attend a course at the revised location or date, we will credit 100% of any prepaid course tuition fees paid against a future course or, if requested, refund those fees. Learning Tree International will not be liable for any other costs incurred including (for example) travel charges or any consequential damages, even if we were advised of them. Changes in course locations, course dates, or postponement of courses will not extend the term of Flex Vouchers or a Training Passport. Learning Tree International's sole liability will be limited to any fees paid to the course in question and Learning Tree International shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever.


Wire transfer payment of Learning Tree invoices may be processed by sending payment to:

Learning Tree International Ltd.
HSBC Bank plc
26 Broad Street, Reading, RGI 2BU
Account No. 34105613, Sort code 40-38-04
IBAN No. GB32HBUK40380434105613, BIC/SWIFT Code. HBUKGB4B


All copyrights, patents, designs and other intellectual property rights in or relating to any course materials provided or made available in connection with our courses remain the sole property of Learning Tree International. No part of any course materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system (other than to enable the customer to use the materials for reference purposes), or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language, without the prior written permission of Learning Tree International.


These terms and conditions set out above represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations. Our brochures and advertisements are for information purposes only and are not intended to form any agreement between Learning Tree International and the recipient. Learning Tree International reserves the right to change pricing, and registration terms and conditions, to make changes to any of our products or programmes described on this website, or to change a course location or cancel a course at any time without notice or liability. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any terms or conditions specified on or referenced within an ordering document shall have no force or effect, and in no event shall Learning Tree International's performance of services or provision of products constitute acceptance of any such terms or conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law.