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Validate your skills and competencies in information and communication technologies, digital transformation, and software engineering

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SFIA Certification Pathway

Authorised training aligned with the SFIA certification scheme

Attendees of Course 3930 may choose the SFIA Accredited consultant pathway.  

To become a SFIA Accredited Consultant, you need to get accepted into the SFIA Foundation. Attending an accredited SFIA training course is also a requirement of the SFIA Consultant criteria.  

The full criteria and process is published HERE. 

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SFIA Certification FAQs

SFIA is a framework to help management match the skills of their IT professionals to the requirements of the business.  

It is a logical two-dimensional skills matrix defining 97 IT skills on one axis and levels of responsibility on the other.  

SFIA benefits business by facilitating all aspects of the management of IT skills and capability in real-world environments. 

Technical, human resources, and learning and development professionals who need to develop an understanding of the SFIA Framework should attend this course.  

Those seeking the benefits of implementing the framework in an organisation performing skills assessments can also benefit from this course, as well as those seeking to become SFIA Accredited Consultants. 

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