Our Solutions and Capabilities

Training solutions tailored to meet your existing and evolving needs, delivered by a trusted global partner.

Why Learning Tree

Whether you require training needs analysis, skills assessments, training administrative support, learning path development or customised content curated to help your team advance, Learning Tree has the tools, expertise and resources needed to bring positive transformation to your team.

  • Coaching and Consulting

    Coaching and Consulting services to help you improve the agility and impact of your training.

  • Skill Mapping & Needs Assessments

    Skill Mapping & Needs Assessments to analyse and evaluate your workforce skills gaps.

  • Managed Training Service

    Managed Training Services to provide administrative support for Learning & Development solutions that remain on time and on budget.

  • Multi-Modal Content & Learning Path Development

    Multi-Modal Content & Learning Path Development puts you in control of how team members learn and grow.

  • Learner Support Services

    Learner Support Services takes an anti-call-centre approach, and puts your needs first with a dedicated team of global experts at your disposal.

  • Measuring Success

    Measuring Success starts with the end in mind, using research based and time tested evaluation tools to deliver measurable impact.

Real Change Starts with a Decision

Coaching and Consulting

Learning Tree takes a high-level, collaborative approach to providing guidance and support with measurable impact on Agile implementation, DevOps Transformation, Cultural Change and Practical Technical Application, and working towards solutions.

We help you identify key areas of improvement and establish the right processes to implement change. Our coaches are real-world practitioners, professional educators and business consultants, serving three roles in one. This gives your leadership, technical staff and top performers the confidence and guidance to initiate the right conversations needed to achieve organisational alignment and successful outcomes.

Enterprise Coaching Solutions

  • Agile Transformation Services
  • Behavioural and Cultural Change
  • Executive Leadership Performance
  • Embedded Coaching Development
  • Employee Onboarding

Our Approach to Consulting 

The Learning Tree model is to leverage the expertise of certified independent consultants with proven track records and the knowledge to offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services. Our consultants are fully qualified to assess your existing needs, define your objectives, and develop a strategic plan that supports organisational projects and priorities. 

  • Agile Transformation: Set your project up for success with a focus on coaching teams through Agile implementation and change management.

  • Identify Skill Requirements: Analyse your existing and future upskilling needs to fulfil your short, mid and long term goals.

  • Research and Advisory Services: Benchmark critical performance drivers and trends such as delivery execution, backend administration and technical training application.

  • Technical Competence: Advance your projects with the guidance of technology experts who offer a wide range of IT tools, systems and infrastructures.

  • Service Transformation: Leverage industry-leading best practices and real-world experience to plan your service improvements and processes while upskilling your staff.

Take the guesswork out of developing a future ready workforce.

Get the guidance you need and start transforming your organisation today.

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Skill Mapping & Needs Assessment

A big picture view of your organisational needs and a guide to filling skills gaps.

Whether it’s mapping, managing or fulfilling your skill needs, Learning Tree provides you with a training partner that captures and assesses all your existing capabilities and learning requirements on all levels.

Performance Assessment Goals
  • Determine desired training outcomes   
  • Identify problems or specific areas of interest
  • Establish required skills & certifications 
  • Set training goals and timeframes
  • Select an effective teams learning format
  • Leverage industry standards & frameworks – NICE, SFIA and more

You get easy to use web-based tools, services and organisational level reporting to build an optimised workforce that achieves your organisation's short and long-term goals. We carry out assessments on both individual and team levels to ensure the right people are equipped with the right skills for the right jobs on the right projects.

Our skill mapping tools can be used to help you onboard new team members, track individual progress and better understand your team composition. Once we have developed role profiles, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams and individuals, and create a clear path to organisational alignment and success. Our tailored role profiling process helps all staff members, including IT and HR professionals, whether they work on site or fully remote.

  • Maintain inventory of required skills mapped to individual IT role profiles
  • Create a framework to measure necessary skills compared to existing ones
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Improve recruitment decisions for all staff
  • Create career progression paths to increase IT staff retention

Take a data-driven approach to building your L & D needs.

Get an accurate training needs analysis to begin making your learning decisions today.

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Managed Training Services

Improve process and cost efficiency by outsourcing your collective training requirements to a trusted partner.

Learning Tree’s Managed Training Service delivers scalable, consistent and flexible learning to increase performance and implement desired behavioural skills – globally. Our global training solutions are cost effective and designed to reduce internal administrative fatigue while increasing ROI. 

Reduce your L & D risk with increased value:
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Increased Administrative Control
Increased Performance Visibility
Increased Product Support

Learning Tree's Managed Learning Service offers several benefits for both individual and enterprise customers. We give you a quality management process that features customised course content, multi-modal content, learning analytics and assessments to empower careers and workforce transformation.

  • Full Training Administration & Logistics Management
  • Customised Content Design & Development
  • Curriculum Management Services
  • Flexible Learning Delivery
  • Learning Evaluation, Reporting and Analytics
  • End-to-End Learning Life Cycle Service
  • Supplier Management

Don’t just settle for a training provider.

Stay in control and discover the benefits of working with a trusted learning partner.

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Multi-Modal Content & Learning Path Development

A personalised and team oriented approach to learning & retaining information.

Research has shown that students learn best when multiple learning styles are applied simultaneously. Learning Tree adapts to your training needs and uses multi-modal learning to create an exciting learning environment that leads to increased engagement and programme scalability. We pair this adaptive approach to our multi-modal delivery applications, which allow learners to internalise, process and apply newly acquired skills.

Multi-Modal Delivery
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) 
  • E-Learning & On-Demand
  • Implementation Workshops
  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Blended Learning Simulations
  • Coaching

Our multi-modal business solutions combine different learning models to create the most effective style that drives change and transformation across your workforce.

  • Create and build a library integrated with learning paths aligned with your business goals.
  • Collect and curate content to address culture, processes, and company requirements.
  • Access on-demand content that aligns with specific job roles and skill training needs.
  • Attend fully interactive labs in a monitored independent online environment.
  • Gain 24/7 access to our virtual Sandbox for after-course review, testing, and experimentation. 
  • Take practice-based workshops designed to simulate actual project scenarios.
  • Get access to industry-relevant community forums with peer-to-peer engagement.
  • Hone skills in a simulated, real-life risk-free environment with educational virtual gaming.

Discover the best way to unlock your team's potential.

Get quality training delivered to you at scale.

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Learner Support

The need for growth and development never ends, and neither does our commitment to you. 

Our Learning Management Platform (LMP) supports all aspects of a blended learning programme. This includes on-site, on-demand and e-learning with consultant-led guidance and assistance. We can also customise your required level of training support to accommodate the look and feel of your branded training programme. 

  • Private Training
  • Hands-on virtual labs & online classrooms
  • Training reports and accomplishments
  • Procured learning resources
  • Customised Content with colours, logos and more

As your learning partner, we provide you with a dedicated team of L & D professionals to ensure you receive world-class service that supports organisational development. To achieve this, you’re assigned a team of customer support leaders to manage all phases of your learning journey and administration.

Team Levels of Support
  • Client Solutions Director identifies your needs and develop a strategic programme plan.
  • Project Manager oversees implementation and ensures deliverables are met in full and on time.
  • Service Delivery Manager organises events, technical setup and communication with all participants.
  • Lead Instructor takes point on your skills training development and certification.

Work with a training partner who supports and understands your needs.

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Measuring Success

Begin with the end in mind.

Learning Tree understands that your investment in training raises justified expectations. We provide you with an in-depth analysis of your team training efforts in order to provide you with a clear path to achieving your goals. By leveraging data analysis, reporting and real-world experience, our evaluations are based on what works, what is not, and why to provide a clear path to your improvement. 

  • Measure the impact of your learning programme
  • Measure needs vs skills gaps
  • Measure individual and team training goals
  • Measure performance vs expected results

Determine what success looks like to you by taking a different approach to measuring training effectiveness. With a comprehensive suite of globally recognised training assessment tools, you will have a flexible range of developmental tracking resources to satisfy your budget, time and available resources.

  • The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model
  • The Phillips ROI Model
  • The CIPP Evaluation Model
  • and other key metrics

Validate the impact of your training and development with measurable data.

Start measuring your success today.

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