Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Programme

Preparing Project Management Professionals to Deliver Maximum Value

"Executive leaders identified organizational agility (35%), the right technologies (32%), and relevant skills (31%) as the three most important factors for success." (PMI, 2020)

The Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Program

This certificate program is designed to give professionals a deep understanding of the foundational skills project managers (and those managing people or projects) need to take the next step. From courses such as Agile Methodology and Project Leadership to Business Acumen & Strategy, this action-based hybrid program provides not only the theory and tools for modern project management, but also real-world practice and a collaborative learning model that ensures deep understanding.

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Program Roadmap

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icon  Program Kickoff

icon  Pre-Program Knowledge & Skills Assessment

icon  Core Project Management Skills

icon  Group Coaching 

icon  Agile Project Management

icon  Group Coaching

icon  Power Skills: The Human Side of Project Management

icon  Group Coaching 

icon  Delivering on Project Management Strategy & Business Value

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icon  Project Simulation Workshop

icon  Post- Program Knowledge & Skills Assessment

Benefits of the Program

Benefits of the Program

Graduates of the Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Program will earn a Learning Tree Modern Project Manager Certificate and gain all the fundamental knowledge and experience to begin or continue a successful career as a manager of projects and people. They will learn how to:

  • Plan and manage projects
  • Ensure clear communication
  • Understand and apply Agile and Kanban approaches
  • Visualize workflows
  • Plan, strategize and manage schedules
  • Manage conflict and stakeholders
  • Lead a team with confidence
  • Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
  • Support organizational initiatives

Our Integrated Learning Model

For all of our programs, we have developed a unique integrated learning model that optimizes skills training and promotes deep understanding of the material. We based this model on our extensive experience delivering outcome-based training and with the input and insight of the top practitioners and instructors in each field.

The model consists of four crucial elements required for deep learning:


Each program begins and ends with an assessment, which is critical to ensuring that every student achieves their learning objectives. Our pre-program assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each student to allow instructors and coaches to personalize their teaching interactions to meet participants where they are. Our post-program assessment allows us to assess and understand student progress and identify any areas where the student may need additional support.


At the core of each program is in-depth instructor-led training offered both in person and virtually to accommodate all student needs. In either case, students benefit from live lessons and interactions with experienced instructors with significant real-world experience in their areas of expertise, as well as with their fellow classmates. This training ranges from 5 to 7 full courses, depending on the program, each of which address a fundamental topic of the program’s area of focus.


The group coaching we offer in between each course is where some of the most important learning of our programs happens. With one dedicated coach throughout the program, students have the opportunity to regularly reflect on what they have learned, ask follow-up questions, dialogue with peers, and dig deep into the material to ensure a complete understanding.


Collaboration is a powerful element of our integrated learning model that maximizes deep learning by sharing experiences, knowledge, and tools among students (and instructors). This sharing of information creates a multiplier effect that not only improves learning outcomes but also provides opportunities to practice accountability, cooperation, communication, and more generally to expand one’s emotional intelligence and relationship management.

The Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Program is comprised of the following modules:

The Certificate Program Kickoff serves as a crucial introductory event for participants, providing them with a valuable opportunity to connect with their program coach. During this session, participants will not only establish a rapport with their coach but also gain a clear understanding of the desired outcomes aligned with their organization’s goals.

The program launches with a comprehensive knowledge and skills assessment for each student to evaluate their individual project management strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. This pre-program assessment will establish a baseline to assess knowledge and skills gained throughout the program.

There are four coaching sessions that are conducted throughout the program. The purpose of these coaching sessions is to review the prior modules, solidify the learning and discuss steps involved in perfecting their capstone project. The coach’s role is to support participants in implementing and adopting the actions discussed during the coaching sessions.

The program culminates in a 2-day Project Management Simulation Workshop, an immersive and hands-on experience designed to give participants the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills in a dynamic project simulation. Over the course of two days, participants will step into the role of project manager and navigate real-world scenarios, challenges, and decision-making processes.

Immediately after completion of course 5, the Project Simulation Workshop, each participant will receive a post-program knowledge and skills assessment to take a snapshot of their current competency levels. The results of this assessment are compared with the pre-program assessment to measure the knowledge and skills gained throughout each student’s journey.

Program Key Features

The Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Program provides deep and holistic learning in Agile project management to ensure that the complete manager emerges at graduation, primed for success and ready to apply what they’ve learned.

The program’s key features include:

  • 4 hours of pre- and post-program workshops
  • 10 hours of coaching between courses to reinforce learning
  • 6 days of instructor-led courses in person or virtual
  • Capstone simulation module for hands-on experience
  • Dedicated instructors and coaches throughout for a seamless experience
  • Instructors of the practice with decades of real-world experience
  • Deep action-based learning and real-time coaching and feedback

Is it Right for Your Organization?

Is it Right for Your Organization?

The Modern Project Manager Professional Certificate Program has been specially designed to meet the needs of new and emerging project managers, or those who manage projects and people without an official title. This program provides the right amount of knowledge, practice, participation, and coaching to allow learners to apply their new skills immediately and transition seamlessly into their new role.

The Learning Tree Way

For nearly 50 years, Learning Tree has helped more than 65,000 organizations around the world  ̶  both commercial and government, large and small  ̶  train experts and leaders in a range of technical and business skills. We have heard directly from thousands of organizations about what they need most in project managers and where the biggest gaps exist.

We have learned that organizations require holistic project management solutions  ̶  project managers who not only have the technical and business acumen to succeed, but also know how to communicate effectively and inspire others to be their absolute best individually or as part of a team.

The Learning Tree Way

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