Nintex Workflow Training: Creating Comprehensive Solutions

Level: Intermediate
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Learn to leverage the Nintex Workflow platform to save time, boost productivity, and enhance your organisational processes. In this Nintex training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to rapidly create workflows that automate business practises across the enterprise and learn Nintex best practises to maximise the effectiveness of your workflows.

Key Features of this Nintex Workflow Training:

  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit

You Will Learn How To:

  • Build workflows with the Nintex workflow platform
  • Configure Nintex actions to automate business practices
  • Convert business rules to a workflow process
  • Monitor workflow processes via Web Parts and dashboards

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In Class & Live, Online Training

  • 3-day instructor-led training course
  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
  • Tuition fee can be paid later by invoice -OR- at the time of checkout by credit card
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In Class & Live, Online Training

Note: This course runs for 3 Days

  • 16 - 18 Nov 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM GMT Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 22 - 24 Feb 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM GMT Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 24 - 26 May 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM BST Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 23 - 25 Aug 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM BST Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 19 - 21 Jan 2:00 PM - 9:30 PM GMT Ottawa / Online (AnyWare) Ottawa / Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 30 Mar - 1 Apr 2:00 PM - 9:30 PM BST Herndon, VA / Online (AnyWare) Herndon, VA / Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 28 - 30 Jun 2:00 PM - 9:30 PM BST Ottawa / Online (AnyWare) Ottawa / Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

  • 21 - 23 Sep 2:00 PM - 9:30 PM BST Herndon, VA / Online (AnyWare) Herndon, VA / Online (AnyWare) Reserve Your Seat

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Important Nintex Workflow Course Information

  • Requirements

    • Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint 
    • Able to configure lists and libraries

Nintex Workflow Course Outline

  • Introducing Nintex Workflows

    • Defining workflows
    • Exploring Nintex workflow solutions
    • Presenting the workflow case study
  • Configuring a SharePoint Site to Utilise Nintex Workflows

    Setting up the SharePoint environment

    • Building SharePoint sites
    • Configuring lists and libraries for workflow needs

    Initialising the Nintex environment

    • Activating Nintex features
    • Saving and publishing the workflow
    • Processing the workflow
  • Developing a Workflow Solution

    Creating and editing workflows

    • Gathering business requirements
    • Channeling requirements into logical workflows
    • Translating requirements to Nintex actions
    • Publishing and running workflows

    Constructing workflows with actions and conditions

    • Exploiting workflow actions
    • Making decisions with conditions
    • Working efficiently with parallel processes
    • Modelling business processes with the state machine
    • Iterative processing with loops
    • Starting workflows conditionally based on statuses
    • Updating SharePoint list and library items
    • Processing data with the Calculate Action
    • Managing multiple outcomes with the Flexi task

    Auditing workflow processes

    • Checking the workflow history log to identify 
    • current state of the workflow
    • Analysing workflow statistics
  • Integrating External Systems

    Interacting with SQL databases

    • Connecting to SQL data sources
    • Creating, reading and updating tables

    Interfacing with the Active Directory

    • Adding entries to the Active Directory
    • Updating entries in Active Directory
  • Managing Document Libraries with Workflows

    Preparing SharePoint libraries for Nintex actions

    • Converting business documents to SharePoint content types
    • Creating and configuring content types

    Nintex document library actions

    • Moving documents between libraries
    • Checking in and checking out documents
  • Implementing SharePoint Sites via Workflows

    Provisioning SharePoint websites

    • Generating site collections
    • Creating sites based on business requirements

    Streamlining processes with workflow actions

    • Concurrent business processes with parallel actions
    • Simplifying approvals with Nintex Lazy Approval
  • Reporting, Troubleshooting and Best Practises

    Displaying and summarising workflow performance

    • Presenting workflow statistics
    • Building dashboard pages with web parts
    • Exporting workflow performance data to Microsoft Excel

    Troubleshooting workflows

    • Reviewing workflow logs
    • Diagnosing process errors
    • Adding entries to a log file

    Nintex workflow best practises

    • Optimising performance
    • Designing a logical workflow
    • Reassigning workflow tasks for a flexible workforce

Team Training

Nintex Workflow Training FAQs

  • What is a Nintex Workflow in SharePoint?

    Nintex Workflow in SharePoint assists in maximising the effectiveness of workflows that can automate business practises across the enterprise.

  • Can I learn to create Nintex site Workflows online?

    Yes! We know your busy work schedule may prevent you from getting to one of our classrooms which is why we offer convenient online training to meet your needs wherever you want. This course is available in class and live online.

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