(VCOMUD) VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design Training

Course 1668

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate

This training course focuses on the advanced capabilities of VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™ 5.6, such as adapters, customization, and management topics. You will learn how to use adapters, define custom super metrics, customize dashboards, and use the Custom user interface. The course is based on vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 and integration with VMware® vSphere® 5.1, VMware vCloud Director® 5.1, and VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic®.

  • Install and configure basic settings in vCenter Operations Manager.
  • Log in and use the vSphere user interface of vCenter Operations Manager.
  • Identify the difference between badges and metrics.

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(VCOMUD) VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design Training Delivery Methods

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

(VCOMUD) VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design Training Course Benefits

Identify the capabilities of adapters, their use cases, availability, and installation.Describe super metrics, attributes, attribute packages, and object tagging.Manage user access to the Custom UI of VMware vCenter Operations Manager.Work with smart alerts and custom alert notification.Use custom dashboards to build specific views for operations and application monitoring.

VMware VCOMUD Training Outline

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
  • Introduce vCenter Operations Manager architecture
  • Explain sizing guidelines
  • Describe vCenter Operations Manager availability and backup
  • Understand adapters
  • Identify available adapters
  • Install and configure adapters
  • Troubleshoot adapters
  • Understand metrics
  • Configure and use super metrics
  • Introduce the application design concept in vCenter Operations Manager
  • Configure and use attribute packages and KPIs
  • Create tags and groups
  • Introduce custom dashboards
  • Manage widgets
  • Manage interactions
  • Manage templates
  • Work with and troubleshoot alerts
  • Configure alert notifications
  • Manage user and role permissions for the vSphere UI
  • Manage user and group permissions for the Custom UI
  • Identify the basic troubleshooting workflows
  • Understand Self Info and self-monitoring of vCenter Operations Manager
  • Examine the Support page in the Custom UI

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