DevOps & GitHub Foundations (AZ-2008) Core Principles

Course 8715

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

Explore DevOps practices using GitHub. Your development and operations teams will experience improved collaboration, agility, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, and operational excellence throughout all phases of the application lifecycle. 

DevOps & GitHub Foundations Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

  • Upskill your whole team by bringing Private Team Training to your facility.

DevOps & GitHub Foundations Training Information

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Learn essential DevOps practices such as collaboration, agility, and automation to optimise application lifecycle management.
  • Gain practical skills in version control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery using GitHub and Azure.
  • Understand the benefits of DevOps culture and its impact on accelerating time to market, operational stability, and mean time to recovery.
  • Explore agile methodologies and project planning techniques to facilitate collaboration, shared responsibility, and continuous learning.
  • Acquire hands-on experience in implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CI/CD workflows to streamline software development projects.
  • Enhance your ability to build and run continuous integration and delivery workflows using GitHub Actions, leading to accelerated release cycles and increased resiliency.
  • Achieve operational excellence and enhance developer experience through shift-right testing, observability, Site Reliability Engineering, and platform engineering practices.
  • Prepare for real-world scenarios by gaining insights into progressive exposure techniques, performance monitoring, and security assessment strategies.

Training Prerequisites

  • Basic familiarity with IT terms and concepts.

DevOps & GitHub Foundations Training Outline

  • What is DevOps? 
  • Explore DevOps culture 
  • Explore DevOps goals and benefits 
  • Explore DevOps application lifecycle 
  • Knowledge check
  • Foster DevOps culture 
  • What is Agile? 
  • Explore DevOps practices 
  • Plan with GitHub 
  • Agile plan and management using GitHub 
  • Knowledge check 
  • Explore source control and version control 
  • Explore version control using Git 
  • Explore GitHub flow 
  • Explore Continuous Integration 
  • Explore shift-left testing 
  • Explore shift-left security 
  • Implement flow of work with GitHub 
  • Knowledge check 
  • Explore continuous delivery 
  • Explore Infrastructure as Code 
  • Explore progressive exposure techniques 
  • Explore continuous delivery with GitHub Actions 
  • Implement CI/CD with GitHub Actions and IaC with Bicep 
  • Knowledge check 
  • Explore operational excellence 
  • Explore shift-right testing 
  • Explore observability through performance monitoring 
  • Explore observability through security assessment 
  • Explore resiliency with site reliability engineering 
  • Improve developer experience with platform engineering 
  • Enhance workload resiliency Traffic Manager and Azure Chaos Studio 
  • Knowledge check 

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DevOps & GitHub Foundations Training FAQs

No prior experience is required, but familiarity with basic software development concepts and cloud computing principles would be beneficial. The course is designed to accommodate beginners while also providing valuable insights and techniques for more experienced professionals.

While the course itself does not offer a formal certification, attendees will gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately in their roles. Additionally, attendees will earn XP (Experience Points) through knowledge checks, validating their understanding of the material covered.

This course equips attendees with essential DevOps practices and skills, such as collaboration, version control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. By implementing these practices, attendees can enhance their organisation's software development processes, accelerate time to market, improve operational stability, and enhance overall productivity. 

Yes, the course includes interactive elements such as knowledge checks, collaborative exercises, and discussions. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with instructors and peers, share insights and experiences, and build connections within the DevOps community.