Building Your Future on ITIL®

ITSM & Digital Transformation: The Future is Built on ITIL

ITIL is the world’s most globally recognised leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) certification and is used by millions of IT professionals around the world. For 30 years it’s been instrumental in transforming the way IT professionals and organisations deliver empowering, impactful tech-led services. Now with the release of ITIL 4, ITIL has been brought up to date for the digital revolution, emerging technologies and interfaces with other leading frameworks making it easy for organisations to adopt and adapt to fit with their specific organisational need.

But the global success of ITIL wouldn’t be possible without ITIL-certified IT professionals who at any career stage can benefit from ITIL training, growing skillsets and expertise to make a lasting impact in their organisations – from service desk roles to IT leaders – looking to take a leap forward, and businesses looking to make value-driving transformations.

Top 3 Business Benefits of ITIL:

  • Provides a flexible foundation for managing IT risks and optimising customer experiences – driving significant ROI for business leaders and IT professionals and growing your reputation as the place to go for IT best practice.
  • Works alongside other established ways of working, like Lean, Agile and DevOps.
  • Offers a long-standing and industry-trusted fundamental methodology to powering the way organisations work – however they choose to.

BLOG: ITSM & Digital Transformation: The Future is Built on ITIL
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ITIL 70 percent chart

According to the 2019 ITSM Benchmarking Report, 70% of respondents say ITIL is the most common best practice framework in organisations.

ITIL 88 percent chart

88% of ITIL-certified profesionals believe ITIL is the best ITSM framework.

Source: The ITSM Benchmarking Report 2019. An AXELOS Publication.

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Realising Value Through ITIL Framework Training, Certification and Adoption

With business criticality of Digital Transformation, the emergence of new technologies, and a prediction of skills shortages, staff training and development is an essential factor to an organisation achieving their goals and staying ahead of competition. 89% of AXELOS survey respondents say that ITIL certifications are important to their continuing professional development (CPD) and 88% say ITIL certification improves specialist skills and 77% say ITIL has helped them implement organisational change.

To address this need, organisation executives and management need to recognise the value staff training offers and the relationship between having a skilled equipped workforce and meeting their objectives. Equally organisation’s need flexibility in training options to address their staff’s learning preferences, organisational flexibility and to ensure successful adoption of the ITIL framework. This is where Learning Tree best serves our Customers with a range of ITIL training options:

  • In-class training
  • Live online training
  • Live group training that can be attended from multiple sites simultaneously
  • On-demand adaptive training
  • ITIL 4 Foundation Virtual Academy: a multi-modal learning path that includes an official ITIL Digital Book, Official App, leading technology adaptive learning modules, live consultant support, and forum for community knowledge sharing.

ITIL 75 percent chart

Nearly 75% of ITSM practitioners are convinced that retraining will help them to plug the skills gap, meeting organisational needs, keep up with technology, and remain productive.

Source: The ITSM Benchmarking Report 2019. An AXELOS Publication.


ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy —
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Learning Tree’s new ITIL 4 Foundation Adaptive Virtual Academy features virtual touch points and on-demand learning using the world's most advanced adaptive learning platform, which personalizes the learning experience to the learner’s existing knowledge and confidence levels. Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence based on cutting edge research into how people learn and retain information, this one-of-a-kind ITIL 4 Foundation adaptive course from is combined with:

  • A social learning platform for peer-to-peer networking and expert guidance
  • The official ITIL 4 textbook
  • The ITIL mobile app with over 300 practice exam questions
  • An ITIL 4 Foundation exam voucher to get you certified

This unique blend of ITIL 4 Foundation learning resources have been hand-picked to provide a modern learning experience that is tailored for your individual skill level and learning style.

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ITIL 4 Complimentary Resources


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