Implementing SAFe: From Misunderstandings to Meaningful Results

Ever feel like your Agile transformation is trapped in a frustrating loop, spinning with SAFe but never actually advancing? You're not alone. This powerful framework, like any game-changer, comes with hidden traps and pitfalls that can leave you feeling lost and frustrated.

Watch on-demand now as we crack the code on the secret anti-patterns that can turn your SAFe launch into a crash landing. We'll dissect pervasive myths and misconceptions that plague SAFe implementations:

  • The Silver Bullet Myth: "SAFe is automatic, just plug it in and watch the business boom!"
  • The Copycat Conundrum: "We'll just copy that other company's SAFe setup, one size fits all, right?"
  • The Change Management Mirage: "Change management? No! People will just adapt."

By dissecting these misconceptions, we'll illuminate the essential success patterns that propel SAFe organizations to the top of the business leaderboard.

This isn't just theory. We'll equip you with real-world examples and practical tips to make your SAFe journey even more epic. Think of it as your personalized compass and toolkit, guiding you through the SAFe landscape and towards that sweet spot of business transformation.


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Implementing SAFe FAQs

  • Executive leaders and managers participating in or considering a SAFe implementation.
  • Agile Coaches, SAFe SPCs, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and others play central roles in the adoption of SAFe.
  • Members of a traditional PMO learning to support or coexist with SAFe.
  • Anyone with a role in an organization’s SAFe adoption and outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Recognize common antipatterns (myths, misunderstandings and traps) that can derail your implementation.
  • Effectively manage the most critical elements of a SAFe launch or relaunch.
  • Leverage the resources available to support you in your adoption of SAFe.

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We recommend our full Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certification Training curriculum. Check out the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, starting with the following two titles, to plan your journey!

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Marguerite Bryan

Marguerite brings 20+ years of leadership experience transforming digital opportunities into business and mission outcomes. With a proven track record in private and public sectors, as well as regulated, corporate and startup environments, Marguerite compliments her technical savvy, business acumen and laser-sharp customer focus with expert leverage of Agile, Scaled Agile, MBSE, User-Centered Design, and ITIL practices, reaching across and beyond disciplines to ignite cultures of purpose-driven engagement, innovation and relentless improvement.

Partnering directly with senior executives or coaching diverse teams of technical, operational or PMO professionals, Marguerite approaches organizational transformation from a holistic view of the enterprise and its value streams, optimizing for hypothesis-driven experimentation, fast feedback cycles, and the continuous flow of value.

With leadership experience in traditional PMO governance and finance functions, Marguerite engages in Waterfall, hybrid and transitional environments with insight and experience, tailoring each engagement to the organizational needs and mission success.