Applying Agile Across the Business

The need to become agile is being driven not only by the fast pace of change in the digital world but also by external factors that influence your business environment. What business culture must be in place? How can we adopt a new approach while maintaining our current customer services?

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • The scope and challenges to transforming to Agile
  • The commitment and mindset required to deliver ‘business agility’
  • The outline Business Case for adopting Agile

Don't miss this chance to learn about the “application of agile,” advance your chances of a positive return on investment, and see how the BCS Agile course and qualification could benefit you.

  • If you are just starting out using Agile and need to have a broader understanding of it, or you use Agile approaches and would like to develop, the BCS Agile course and exam can lay the foundation on which your career can flourish.

  • If your organisation is looking to adopt an Agile mindset across your operations, the BCS Agile course and exam are designed to support a holistic approach to effectively embed Agile practices across an organisation, encouraging staff to make better decisions about how transformation, change, and the impact.
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John Moore

John Moore is an Agile, Business Analysis and Programme Management Consultant. As a Consultant John has worked with a range of organisations providing specialist advice and training across the spectrum of project management and business analysis, supporting their business life cycle. Having started his career as a technical professional within IT functions he has the perspective of both business and IT from leading public and private sector. John holds a range of credentials including being PRINCE2, MSP, BCS Business Analysis, Risk and Agile Certified and is an advocate for adopting Agile across the business.