Exploring the ITIL 4 Practice Manager Certification Series

Apr 23 • 4:00 PM BST
1 hrs

Feeling lost in the ITIL landscape? Skip the aimless wandering and join ITIL Master Sandy Kelly on a one-day expedition through the ITIL 4 Practice Manager courses! This journey will equip you with the tools and know-how to navigate the real world of IT.

Sandy acts as your expert guide, demystifying key ITIL practices like skills, value streams, and more. Gain clear insights and practical pathways to boost your ITIL competency.

Conquer capability assessments with newfound confidence, paving the way for ITIL certifications and career advancement. This isn't just a webinar; it's a launchpad for ITIL mastery. Level up your skills, leave the competition in the dust, and unlock your full IT potential.


[Webinar ID# 5331]

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Exploring the ITIL 4 Practice Manager Certification Series FAQs

  • Practitioners/Managers/Leaders wishing to explore any of the ITIL practices in more depth 
  • ITIL Managing Professionals and ITIL Strategic Leaders wishing to achieve ITIL Master 

Attendees will learn:

  • Which practices are covered in the Practice Manager series
  • Purpose of each covered practice
  • Overview of the key aspects  covered by each of the practices

Earn 1 PMI PDU. PDU Claim Code: 1154LNSETT

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Sandy Kelly

ITIL Master Sandy Kelly is a process-oriented IT professional with proven success in managing and directing a broad range of corporate IT platforms.  She is recognized for her expertise in process implementation to institute change, improve service, and reduce costs. Her proven capability to implement programs that drive awareness, decrease exposure, and strengthen an organization’s ability to reduce risk. Her deep knowledge of ITIL has been proven over and over as co-author of our new ITIL courses, as well as with her outstanding success in the classroom. 
Sandy received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her MBA from Georgetown University.