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In today’s rapidly changing environment, organisations need to utilise an ongoing systematic process to effectively assess the skills and expertise of their IT staff. Accurate, easy-to-use staff assessment tools are an absolute necessity, whether used to select new employees or to identify skill gaps in existing project teams. Learning Tree has had long experience assessing the skill levels of thousands of IT personnel. We provide a sophisticated, easy-to-use ‘Online Skills Assessment Tool’ to validate BOTH depth of knowledge and skill level in specific job roles. Our skills assessment library covers knowledge and role-based assessments spanning over 350 specific topics. This assessment tool can be customised for your organisation as needed and provides a range of reports to meet your management decision-making and employment requirements, including actionable skill gap analysis.



We Can Provide

A sophisticated ‘Online Skills Assessment Tool’, which is accurate and easy to use

An extensive library of validated assessments developed by Subject Matter Experts.

Reports of skill gaps both on a team and individual basis

Definitions of individualised learning paths for skills enhancement

Customised assessments and reports for specific requirements

Case Study


A large manufacturing organisation engaged in “in-sourcing” most of its IT work, and needed to deliver a range of IT training for new hires who possessed varying amounts of real-world experience in the job roles they were hired to fill.


Learning Tree’s intensive, hands-on instructor-led courses were employed to enhance the practical skill levels of the new employees so that they could “hit the ground running” in their new jobs.

Learning Tree’s ‘Online Skills Assessment Tool’ was used to determine the skill and knowledge levels of the new hires in order to place them on the training path that best fit their skills enhancement needs.

The ‘Online Skills Assessment Tool’ was also used to objectively measure post-training growth in knowledge, identify high-potential employees, and assist in the organisation’s new hire process.

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