Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

We think about an entrepreneur being someone with an idea that starts up a company and grows it into a thriving business, the founding person who took the chance and got the business started. In reality, we are all entrepreneurs striving to bring innovation and ideas to our jobs to drive the success of the organization's we work for — in essence, having an 'entrepreneurial mindset.' Join Simon Devonshire OBE and his wealth of entrepreneurial experience and accomplishments to explore how you can leverage your own entrepreneurial mindset. 

It's time to demystify the entrepreneurial mindset. There is a long standing debate as to whether an entrepreneurship is inherently nature or nurture, whether entrepreneurialism can be taught and learnt.

We now live in an era of uncertainty. Successful entrepreneurs are natively more comfortable with uncertainty than most. The mindset of an entrepreneur has never been more important than now. In essence it about being curious; converting friction into commercial opportunity; entrepreneurialism is active not passive.

We have not lived through a pandemic before. COVID-19 not only changed the rules, there is no precedent for the impact that it has had. There has never been a greater need or opportunity for change!

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Simon Devonshire

Presented by Simon Devonshire OBE

Simon has an extensive corporate career and is also a serial entrepreneur. He previously ran O2 Business, the business division of the mobile-network and co-founded Wayra Europe, the business accelerator belonging to Telefonica. He served as Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) for the UK Government for three and a half years, reporting to Dept BEIS. Simon co-founded One Water which has donated more than £20m to providing clean water in Africa. He also helped scale-up Zopa.com at seed-stage.

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