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Privacy and Security Go Hand in Hand

When: Friday, Oct 12th • 10 am EST
Duration: 1 hour

In this webinar, co-presented by IAPP, you'll learn how to integrate data privacy concerns with your cyber security strategy to better protect personal data.



[AGILE] Agile Adoption & Transformation: What kind of investment do you need to succeed?

Agile transformation is non-trivial, requires investment in Agile teams, and like any business decision should be driven by clear, specific, and measurable objectives.

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[CYBER SECURITY] Best Cyber Breach Protection: Certified NIST RMF Professionals

Dr. Ron Ross (NIST), Richard Spires (Learning Tree Int’l), and Dr. Victor Berlin (Mission Critical Institute) will discuss how hiring Certified NIST RMF Professionals can be your key to cybersecurity breach protection.

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[CYBER SECURITY] Enterprise Risk Management – Key to an Organisation’s Resilience

This webinar will focus on key capabilities necessary to address enterprise risk and highlights the NIST’s Cyber Security Risk Management Framework.

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[CYBER SECURITY] Risk Management for the C-Suite

Designed for members of the board, senior executives, and management, this webinar helps you understand, assess, and position your organization to address cyber security threats.

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[CYBER SECURITY] Where is Cyber security Heading?

Watch CompTIA's Stephen Schneiter and Learning Tree's Brian Simms explore current trends in cyber security breaches and ways to arm your organization against them.

Earn 1 CompTIA CEU.

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[DATA SCIENCE] Informed Organisational Decision-Making

Learn about the role data science has to play in informing organisational decision-making in this complimentary webinar.

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[IT LEADERSHIP] Maturing Your IT Organisation

In this on-demand webinar, Learning Tree CEO Richard A. Spires shows you how to use an IT Maturity Model to assess and improve the maturity if your IT organisation.

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[IT LEADERSHIP] Maximizing your Management in a World of Disruptive Technology

Find out what leadership competencies are needed to succeed as a manager in today's workplace.

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[IT LEADERSHIP] Pathways to Advancement in IT Leadership

Learning Tree CEO Richard Spires discusses what it takes to be a leader in IT, from his more than 30 years of experience in the field, including as the former CIO at both the Department of Homeland Security and IRS.

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[PROJECT MANAGEMENT] The Praxis Approach to Successful Project & Programmes

This webinar introduces the framework from a practical perspective to see what it brings to the business delivery canvas and how the business can benefit.

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[PROJECT MANAGEMENT] What the New PMBOK® 6 Says About the Best Way to Manage Complex Projects

This webinar is for anyone considering PMP certification and would like to better manage projects in today’s ever-evolving business environments.  

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[WEB DEVELOPMENT] Progressive Web Apps (PWA): The Future of Web Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be a one-stop efficiency solution, bridging the gap between native apps and websites to make keeping information up-to-date a breeze. Find out how in this complimentary webinar.

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