Private Team Training

Why Private Team Training?

In addition to the engaging, high-quality training that you can expect from Learning Tree, private team training provides several great benefits, including:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating travel expenses.
  • Save time by training your entire team at once — at a convenient location of your choice.
  • Provide your team with practical, hands-on experience that can immediately be applied to their job.
  • Enjoy a worry-free training event with all the details handled by Learning Tree.
  • Strengthen team collaboration with real-world scenarios tailored to your specific challenges.

We Do It All for You

To ensure your team training event is flawlessly executed and worry-free, we handle all the details, including:

  • Instructor travel
  • Tailored content
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Shipping
  • Equipment setup and teardown

Train Your Team Together, Wherever They Are — with AnyWare™

Using AnyWare™ — Learning Tree’s live, online attendance platform — your remote team members can connect in real time to your instructor-led training event and gain the same hands-on experience from their home or work.

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Customise Your Training Program

We can tailor your training program to fit your specific organisational goals. Following a pre-course consultation that identifies your particular objectives — and the unique characteristics of course attendees — your Learning Tree instructor works with a dedicated Product Development Team to modify or create the right program for your training needs.

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Measure Your Post-Course Success

After your training event, we perform an end-of-course evaluation to ensure your team is ready to apply their newly gained skills, and give you the opportunity to assess the impact of your team’s training and see how much you’ve gained from your investment with Learning Tree.

Let’s talk about your team training needs

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