Project Manager Leadership Training: Building and Leading High-Performance Teams

Course 346

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Sandbox: Yes
  • Language: English
  • 23 PMI PDUs
  • Level: Advanced

This Project Management Leadership course helps you transition into an effective project team leader who can inspire a diverse team to work together and deliver customer success. Learn how to build a high-performing team through an immersive class that covers project leadership best practices, models, videos, and assessments.

Project Manager Leadership Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

Building and Leading High-Performance Teams Course Information

Project Manager Leadership Training will prepare you to:

  • Manage internal and external influences that affect team performance. 
  • Increase productivity by challenging your processes and motivating your people. 
  • Develop team identity and empower others. 
  • Foster productive team communication and effectively manage conflict. 
  • Test your knowledge in the included end-of-course exam. 
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching. 

Project Manager Leadership Training Prerequisites

This course has been categorised as advanced to represent the other side of project management — project leadership. Therefore, before taking this course, you are not required to be a senior project/programme manager. 

Project Manager Leadership Course Outline

Measuring yourself against the Leadership Services Model

  • Soliciting 360-degree feedback
  • Working with a mentor and personal board of directors
  • Examining your support network and sphere of influence

Managing your emotional intelligence

  • Developing your self-awareness and social awareness
  • Applying emotional intelligence to project management

Fostering a team state of mind

  • Considering the stages of development
  • Turning hard work into an enjoyable experience

Defining the future

  • Clarifying and communicating your vision and goals
  • Collaborating on project objectives
  • Empowering others to act

Crafting a healthy, winning culture

  • Agreeing on standards and ground rules
  • Encouraging feedback and nurturing the emotional intelligence of your team
  • Creating psychological safety through mutual respect

Overcoming communication barriers

  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities, and boundaries
  • Learning the language of leadership
  • Turning conflict to your advantage

Thinking outside of the box

  • Challenging the process
  • Making decisions efficiently and effectively

Examining the art and science of motivation

  • Balancing personal needs with organisational goals
  • Adapting leadership to individual work styles
  • Building ownership through delegation
  • Managing virtual, remote, and global teams
  • Recognising the importance of physical space

Combating the dangers of outside influences

  • Assessing the organisation's capacity for change
  • Balancing project constraints and avoiding burnout
  • Managing project subjectives and office politics
  • Dealing with daily distractions and disruptions

Recognising success

  • Celebrating success and failure
  • Building morale
  • Applying "Lessons Learned"

Reaching the next level

  • Assuming responsibility and holding each other accountable
  • Achieving autonomy and self-management
  • Setting smart challenges
  • Generating your personal leadership action plan
  • Creating your customised project leadership framework

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Project Manager Leadership Training: Building and Leading High-Performance Teams Course FAQs

This course will teach a proprietary Leadership Service Model.

This course does not require you to be a senior project/programme manager. It has been categorised as advanced to represent the other side of project management — project leadership.

You will return to the workplace with a plan for inspiring a diverse team to work together effectively, achieve autonomy, and optimise efficiency for successful customer delivery. Takeaways include a project leadership best practices handbook and a personal development plan for use back at the office. 

Anyone leading a project team or hoping to grow their career this way would benefit from this training. Our Subject Matter Expert will facilitate a very interactive experience for you and your peers as you learn the best ways to affect positive team performance. 

The training includes surveys on three topics (Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, and Team-working style), uses videos based on Servant Leadership, and teaches a proprietary Leadership Services Model.

Yes, you will earn 17 PDUs after you complete this course.

Yes! We know your busy work schedule may prevent you from getting to one of our classrooms, which is why we offer convenient online training to meet your needs wherever you want. This course is available in class and live online.