(NFSAD) ONTAP NFS Administration Training

Course 1634

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

Cluster Administration course. This course reviews NFS and explores in more detail different NFS versions and the features of ONTAP 9 software that support the NFS protocol. The exercises are accomplished using ONTAP 9 software.

(NFSAD) ONTAP NFS Administration Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

(NFSAD) ONTAP NFS Administration Training Course Benefits

Define and describe NFS protocol versionsConfigure clustered ONTAP 9 for NFSv3,NFSv4,and NFSv4.1 with parallel NFS (pNFS)Configure Kerberos in a Linux and NetApp ONTAP 9 environment using Windows Active Directory authenticationDiscuss performance management and troubleshooting for Netapp storage systems and clients

ONTAP NFS Administration Training Outline

  • Define NFS Protocol
  • List and differentiate between the versions of NFS
  • Discuss how ONTAP support NFS deployments
  • Describe NFS v3
  • Configure NFSv3 on Data ONTAP
  • Describe how security works in NFS v3
  • Describe NFS v4
  • Configure NFSv4 on Data ONTAP
  • Describe how security works in NFS v4
  • Describe NFS v4.1
  • Configure NFS v4.1 on ONTAP 9
  • Discuss performance monitoring techniques for storage and clients
  • Describe basic NFS troubleshooting
  • List locations of Export Rule Evaluation Errors

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