EC-Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) v2

Course 2029

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Exam Voucher: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Level: Advanced

EC-Council's Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) v2  training course is designed to provide cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and skills to collect, analyse, and interpret threat intelligence to help organisations make informed, strategic decisions and proactively defend against cyber threats. The course offers a deep dive into the world of cyber threat intelligence, combining theoretical concepts with practical application through hands-on labs and exercises.

The CTIA course is ideal for security analysts, threat intelligence specialists, incident responders, and other cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their ability to understand and act upon threat intelligence. Upon completion of the course, participants are eligible to sit for the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) exam, a globally recognised credential that validates their expertise in cyber threat intelligence and analysis.

CTIA v2 Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

  • Upskill your whole team by bringing Private Team Training to your facility.

CTIA v2 Training Course Information

In this course, you will:

  • Gain an introduction to Threat Intelligence.
  • Understand how to gather data from various sources, both internal and external.
  • Process raw data and apply advanced analytical techniques to extract actionable intelligence.
  • Identify and profile threat actors based on their motives, tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Learn how to use threat intelligence to improve an organisation's security posture.


  • 3-5 years of experience as a cybersecurity professional

CTIA v2 Training Instructor-Led Course

  • Module 01: Introduction to Threat Intelligence
  • Module 02: Cyber Threats and Attack Frameworks
  • Module 03: Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
  • Module 04: Data Collection and Processing
  • Module 05: Data Analysis
  • Module 06: Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination
  • Module 07: Threat Hunting and Detection
  • Module 08: Threat Intelligence in SOC Operations, Incident Response, and Risk Management

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CTIA v2 Training FAQs

No, the CTIA is an advanced-level certification.

Yes, you must have completed an official CTIA certification course from an accredited partner. If you are self-studying, you must complete EC-Council’s exam eligibility process.

The exam fees are included in your course tuition. You will receive an exam voucher upon request.