(CIFSAD) ONTAP SMB Administration Training

Course 1633

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

This course extends the CIFS information that is found in the ONTAP Cluster Administration course. This course reviews SMB and explores in more detail SMB 3.x and the features of ONTAP 9 software that support the SMB protocol. The exercises are accomplished using ONTAP 9 software.

(CIFSAD) ONTAP SMB Administration Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

(CIFSAD) ONTAP SMB Administration Training Course Benefits

Explain the CIFS and SMB protocolDemonstrate the Windows PowerShell CLIConfigure SMB features using ONTAP 9 softwareCreate and manage SMB shares and sessionsSecure SMB sessionsConfigure ONTAP for multiprotocol data accessDiscuss SMB advanced topics, such as opportunistic locks (oplocks), BranchCache, auditing, group policy, automatic home shares, symbolic links (symlinks), and widelinks

ONTAP SMB Administration Training Outline

  • Define the CIFS and SMB protocol
  • Discuss NTLM and Kerberos authentication
  • Explain Active Directory and Workgroup environments
  • Describe PowerShell
  • Describe Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit
  • Set up a storage system with ONTAP 9 for domain authentication
  • List the default shares
  • Display all shares that are available on the storage system
  • Configure a client machine to access a share
  • Identify the CIFS sessions
  • Add, modify, and delete shares
  • Module Objectives
  • Configure share permissions
  • Describe how to map UNIX users to Windows users
  • Configure multiprotocol in ONTAP 9
  • Describe authentication and authorization for CIFS
  • Describe file blocking policies
  • Module Objectives
  • Describe group policy objects in Data ONTAP 9
  • Setup preferred Domain Controllers
  • Discuss NetBIOS aliases
  • Configure workgroup membership
  • Explain CIFS oplocks
  • Discuss BranchCache support in Data ONTAP

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ONTAP SMB Administration Training FAQs

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