Creating An Inclusive Workplace Environment

Level: Foundation

In this course, you develop an understanding of how to generate greater inclusion in your teams and your organisation. You learn the shortfalls of traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion and how to apply recent insights to promote the feelings of belonging and individual contribution necessary for teams and organisations to thrive. With practical and powerful tools to empower you team, you build a robust action plan to implement back at work.

Creating An Inclusive Workplace Environment

Key Features of this Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Explain the neuroscience of barriers to inclusion
  • Describe how biases are formed and (unwittingly) maintained
  • Identify personal barriers to embracing difference
  • Articulate the business imperative around leveraging difference
  • Apply an organisational approach to implementing mechanisms to establish and inclusive environment at work
  • Use techniques and tools assess inclusivity in their workplace
  • Identify methods to increase inclusivity in the workplace

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Instructor-Led Important Course Information

  • Course Materials

    The course opens with a practical exercise upon which exercises throughout the course are built. Learning is supported by videos, questionnaires and interactive exercises. Delegates are invited to bring non-confidential documents to the course so that they are able to work on practical relevant examples.

Course Outline

  • The True Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

    • The drivers of diversity & inclusion in the workplace
    • What do we mean by under represented groups
    • Shortfalls in diversity theory and practise
    • The ‘fake news’ of unconscious bias effects
    • The genuine evidence for cognitive bias
    • When is bias more likely
  • Inclusion in the Workplace

    • Developing a different view of difference
    • The benefits of Inclusion and diversity of thought
    • The impact of everyday interactions on inclusion
    • Characteristics of an inclusive workplace
    • The importance of belonging and uniqueness
    • Applying a framework to understanding inclusion
    • Identifying the actions that promote inclusion
  • Promoting Belonging and Uniqueness

    • The emotional basis for inclusion
    • How emotions impact behaviour at work
    • Improving our self and social awareness to promote inclusion at work
    • Promoting inclusion through active listening and observing skills
  • Empowering Others

    • Adopting a solution focused approach
    • Applying a four phase solution focused model to empower others
    • Developing the skills of inclusive leaders and managers
    • The leader and manager behviors that promote inclusion
    • Conducting a self check for inclusive behaviours
    • Facilitating inclusion at a distance
  • Inclusive Organisations

    • Understanding barriers to inclusion
    • Applying a process to increase inclusion in the workplace
    • Establishing the right outcome measures
    • Creating a plan and closing the gap
  • Completing a personal action plan to increase inclusion at work

Course FAQs

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    Managers who recognises the importance of an inclusive workplace to future business success. Whether in HR, Finance, Marketing or Operation, or managers of small, medium or large teams. Any employee who wants to make a positive difference to their organisation, secure the future talent pool and set their organisation up for future success.

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