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This Atlassian JIRA Software Administration training course explores how Atlassian JIRA Software can be tailored to meet specific needs with an in depth look at effective administration and configuration. The lab environment (an instance of JIRA Software) provides a practical working area to engage with. This enables you to benefit from seeing JIRA Software in action with real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge. This course is ideal for new JIRA Application Administrators and those with the responsibility to define projects and configurations.

You Will Learn How To

  • tailor Atlassian JIRA to meet specific project and process needs
  • apply effective administration and configuration methods.

Course Outline

  • JIRA Concepts Overview


Summary of Users and Groups


Project Roles


Audit logs

Lab Exercises

  • Create a JIRA Project and project category
  • Exploring the Issue type scheme
  • Users, Groups and Access

Users and the User browser


Groups and the Group Browser

Project Roles

Permissions & Access Control

Lab Exercises

  • Public signup and groups
  • Add new users and create/assign groups
  • Create a Project Role and a Permission Scheme
  • Set up an Issue Security Scheme
  • Configuring Agile Boards

Board permissions





Agile Cards

Lab Exercises

  • Configuring board filters
  • Agile board permissions
  • Configuring colours
  • Change card fields
  • Change Swimlanes
  • The Simpler Schemes

Issue Type Schemes

Notification schemes

Permission Schemes

Issue Security Schemes


Lab Exercises

  • Create a Notification schemes
  • Create an Issue Type Scheme
  • Fields

Priorities and Resolutions

Custom Fields

New options in custom fields

Field Configuration Schemes

Field Configurations

Re-Indexing & Index Recovery

Lab Exercises

  • Create Custom Fields
  • Define a context
  • Create a Field Configuration
  • Make use of a Field Configuration Scheme
  • Screens

Understanding Screen Schemes

Screen Schemes

Creating screens

Modifying screens

Lab Exercises

  • Create a screen
  • Modify screen contents
  • Implement a Screen Scheme
  • Implement an Issue Type Screen Scheme
  • Workflows

The visual workflow designer

Planning workflows

The Status Attribute


Mapping workflow status to Agile boards

Workflow Triggers

Creating a workflow

Creating a workflow schemes

Workflow sharing

Lab Exercises

  • Add states into a workflow
  • Configure screens on transitions
  • Using post functions and validators
  • Configuring your agile board to match workflow changes
  • Implementing workflow schemes
  • Putting it all together
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