Agile Software Development With Azure DevOps

Level: Intermediate
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In this Agile software development course you learn to manage an entire software project using Microsoft Team Foundation Server. You learn how to document work using features, backlog items, tasks and bugs, maintain source code with Team Foundation Version Control and Git, as well as monitor progress with backlogs, Kanban boards and burn-downs. You also gain hands-on experience automating testing and deployment with continuous integration.

Key Features of this Agile Software Development Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included
  • After-course computing sandbox included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Manage an entire software project using Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Document work using features, backlog items, tasks and bugs
  • Monitor progress with backlogs, Kanban boards and burndowns
  • Automate testing and deployment with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Enhance team collaboration and craft higher quality software in less time using Azure DevOps
  • Perform check-in, check-out, branching, and merging of source code
  • Define build configurations that include unit tests and deployment
  • Estimate, prioritise, and schedule backlog items within sprints



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  • 3-day instructor-led training course
  • Earn 17 PMI PDUs
  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
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In Class & Live, Online Training

Note: This course runs for 3 Days

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Important Agile Software Development Course Information

  • Recommended Experience

    • Familiarity with Agile principles is helpful to the level of: Course 918, Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean & XP
    • Work experience using the iterative cycle and collaborative Agile spirit
  • Software

    • This course uses Azure DevOps Server

Agile Software Development Course Outline

  • Application Lifecycle Management with Azure DevOps

    Overview of Agile methodologies

    • Agile
    • Scrum
  • Introducing Azure DevOps

    Surveying Azure DevOps features

    • Team collaboration
    • Process templates
    • Version control
    • Automated builds
    • Integrated tests

    Evaluating Azure DevOps editions

    • Choosing Azure DevOps Server vs. Azure DevOps Express 
    • Comparing Azure DevOps Service vs Azure DevOps Server 
  • Administering Azure DevOps 

    Installing Azure DevOps 

    • Planning an Azure DevOps installation
    • Creating collections with the administrative console
    • Managing project security and group membership with the Web control panel

    Securing Azure DevOps projects

    • Assigning permissions to security groups
    • Adding users to teams and projects
    • Restricting user rights
    • Configuring user alerts

    Creating projects for Azure DevOps

    • Comparing the built-in Scrum, CMMI and Agile process templates
    • Specifying source control
    • Customising process templates
  • Managing Work with Azure DevOps

    Mapping Azure DevOps and Agile process terms

    • Defining epics and user stories as Azure DevOps work items
    • Inputting features and backlog items
    • Estimating and prioritising work items
    • Breaking backlog items into tasks

    Organising backlogs

    • Scheduling start and end dates for releases and Sprints
    • Assigning backlog items to iterations and team members
    • Recording work remaining and status
    • Monitoring team progress
  • Maintaining Source Code with Version Control

    Collaborating on code with Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and Git

    • Selecting centralised vs. distributed version control
    • Synchronising local repositories with the master repository
    • Viewing project history with changesets

    Connecting to Azure DevOps from Visual Studio Team Explorer

    • Checking out and checking in source code
    • Merging changesets from multiple developers
    • Branching for release management and maintenance
    • Resolving multi-user conflicts
    • Adding existing code to Azure DevOps source control

    Integrating version control with client applications

    • Plugging TFVC into Windows Explorer
  • Achieving Continuous Integration

    Creating, running and automating builds

    • Defining and scheduling builds
    • Managing releases and deployments
    • Controlling build output

    Crafting quality software through continuous testing

    • Integrating unit testing into builds
    • Leveraging Visual Studio code analysis and testing tools
    • Creating TFS test scripts for manual testing
    • Documenting and tracking bugs
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Team Progress

    Managing backlogs and querying Azure DevOps content

    • Assigning work to iterations
    • Querying and defining iteration backlogs
    • Visualising work-in-progress with Kanban boards
    • Monitoring progress with burndown charts

Team Training

Agile Software Development Training FAQs

  • What is Agile software development?

    It is an approach to software development in which the intention is for requirements and solutions to evolve through the collaboration of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers.

  • What version of Azure DevOps is used?

    Azure DevOps 2019 Server. 

  • Can I learn Agile Software Development with Azure DevOps online?

    Yes! We know your busy work schedule may prevent you from getting to one of our classrooms which is why we offer convenient online training to meet your needs wherever you want. This course is available in class and live online.

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