Reasons the Future is Built on ITIL 4

Since the creation of ITIL v3 back in 2007 the world has filled with frameworks and methodologies, including Agile, and many more. So where does ITIL 4 fit into this new landscape and what value does it offer you, Lean, DevOps and your organization? Essentially why ITIL?

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Why ITIL 4?

Firstly, ITIL has some solid credentials as the recognized leader in ITSM, powering world-shapers like IBM, NASA, Shell, HP, British Airways, and Disney. Plus, ITIL is used by millions of IT professionals around the world.

It lays a flexible foundation for managing IT risks and optimizing customer experiences - driving significant ROI for business leaders and IT professionals and growing your reputation as the place to go for IT best practice. ITIL can also work alongside other established ways of working, like Lean, Agile and DevOps, so your investment will always be relevant.

And it has long been fundamental to powering the way organizations work - however they choose to - which is not about to change.

ITIL supports organizations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services. It helps define the direction of the service provider with a clear capability model and aligns them to the business strategy and customer needs.

And it gives us a professionally recognized certification scheme, provides comprehensive, practical and proven guidance for establishing a service management system, providing a common glossary of terms for businesses using IT enabled services.

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So how does ITIL 4 benefit your Organization?

Customers are at the heart of everything we do as organizations whether we provide products or services. If your organization is looking to drive continuous performance and gain optimal value from IT and digital services across its operations ITIL supports seamless digital transformation by creating a stable operating environment. Organizations can use this strong, agile foundation to:

    • Benchmark services, optimizing budget allocation and ROI
    • Meet consumer demand for engaging, joined-up service journeys
    • Track, measure and demonstrate the value driven by IT
    • Mitigate the risk of IT failure, protecting your business and customers.

Business Leaders

Your business has never needed to adapt so fast. What is the best way to handle it?

If your organization is already using ITIL keep doing what you're doing - putting transformation in the hands of ITIL- certified professionals. That's because ITIL provides the essential skills, tools and expertise your IT team can use to drive sustainable innovation and seamless transformation.

Even if you employ other ways of working, like Lean, Agile and DevOps methodologies ITIL is the complementary framework that brings it all together - helping you deliver even greater business value. And ITIL 4 promises to increase that impact, answering even the most modern challenges, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and emerging technologies, with the latest expertise.

If your organization is not using ITIL, it's an easy-to-adopt framework which can be tailored to fit your organizational needs with blended training and implementation paths most relevant to your IT team and strategy. And equipped with the essential ITIL skills, tools and expertise, your team can drive more consistent innovation and seamless transformation. But ITIL isn't just for IT professionals, as Business leaders you can also use the insights on offer to deliver real business change through technology and put your business in the best possible position to respond quickly and effectively to competitor threats and changes to the market. Put ITIL at the heart of everything you do right now, and everything yet to come.

Here are 3 of ITIL 4's key attributes:


ITIL provides a common language and best practice foundation for high performing IT teams. It saves money through greater efficiency and lower staff turnover and is an internationally recognized certification that acts as a seal of approval across teams, departments and customer organizations.


ITIL empowers IT teams to deliver strategic value far beyond simple operational effectiveness and develops skills, knowledge and ways of working that help organizations grow and thrive are at the heart of the ITIL qualifications. ITIL helps practitioners, leaders and teams to deliver deep-rooted digital transformation and long-lasting change.


ITIL is a flexible, adaptable and future facing certification that provides skills which helps your organization to meet the future with confidence. ITIL complements other methodologies and ways of working that you may have adopted like Lean, Agile and DevOps methodologies. As relevant now as it will be in the future, ITIL has been at the leading edge of the IT industry for 30 years.

IT and Service Desk Managers

As Heads of IT, Service Desk and IT Managers in general how does certifying staff in ITIL help your business? With ITIL-certified professionals, organizations can:
    • Speed up processes and drive efficiencies
    • Apply a forward focused and tech-oriented approach
    • Deal with complexity, help you know where to start
    • Scale up, as ITIL is relevant and flexible.


ITIL helps craft collaborative and successful teams who contribute to the business success with faster and more efficient problem solving - as individuals, as a team and across the organization. ITIL helps deliver value across the organization by giving IT the tools and common language to work across lines of business and departments.


ITIL can transform the way a team works, how an individual is utilized and performs and the way IT is seen inside an organization. ITIL is forward focused on the latest tech, solutions and thinking and embraces modern ways of working and solving problems to deliver real business value.


ITIL delivers value far beyond IT, helping organizations resolve issues, address challenges and pre-empt issues. When organizations are looking to scale, grow or take advantage of an opportunity - ITIL provides a common language and skillset for IT teams to embrace the change and helps manage IT risk and budget to deliver a more robust and profitable organization.

Professional Services

Since 1989, across 180+ countries, ITIL has been the foundation for IT-led business transformation.

With the arrival of ITIL 4, you can deliver the benefits of an empowering and essential update to our industry- shaping IT best practice framework. Help your clients deliver seamless transformation programmes and unlock added business value with a world shaping ITIL skillset. The business world employs a variety of IT methodologies, such as Lean, Agile and DevOps and ITIL 4 has been developed to complement other ways of working and help drive even greater innovation.

And how does ITIL 4 benefit you as a Career Focused Individual?

ITIL is the catalyst for a true leap forward for any IT professional, no matter what stage you are in your career. As the ultimate in IT best practice, certification is the best way for professionals to show current and prospective employers that you are ready to make an impact.

ITIL 4 will help you develop the skills and practical tools you need to become more effective at work and deliver optimal value across your organization. In addition, you will be in a strong position to evolve your existing service management processes, including how to measure and control the effectiveness of IT services. And ultimately you will share a global language that connects you with leading IT professionals all over the world.

From world-shapers like IBM, NASA, Shell, HP, British Airways and Disney to ambitious organizations of every shape and size, business leaders all over the world recognize that their future is built on ITIL. But they can't build it without you.

By giving you the skills and expertise needed to resolve urgent technical concerns and deliver projects with ease, ITIL opens doors and helps you take an empowering next step - no matter what stage your career is at.


ITIL connects you to a large digital community, so you can solve problems with the combined weight of 30 years' experience and a knowledge of a common language spoken amongst IT practitioners around the globe regardless of industry. ITIL helps IT practitioners embrace other methodologies and modern ways of working to drive business value.


ITIL is designed to help you take the next step in your career by providing a clear and structured path to progress. It helps deliver growth for you by enabling you to deliver great solutions - justifying resource and budget. And ultimately, ITIL delivers a globally recognized certification and skillset that helps you deliver real value for your current and future employers.


ITIL gives IT practitioners access to new skills, training and expertise in order resolve technical issues, seek out solutions and future proof their organization. By providing the specialist skills and expertise you need to resolve urgent tech concerns and deliver projects with ease, ITIL opens doors and helps you take an empowering next step - no matter that stage your career is at.

Want a more in-depth overview of the ITIL 4 Certification and how to transition from ITIL v3 to 4?


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