Maximizing the Benefits of Agile Adoption

Duration: 45 minutes

Although more than 80% of CEOs see Agility as an essential requirement for corporate survival, most companies are not getting the full benefit of Agile development. Yet even a 5% improvement can yield benefits of hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds. The question is: where to target your next investment in Agile?

This on-demand webinar will discuss:

  1. Investment in self-organizing teams is at the heart of Agile success
  2. Required investment is situational: depending on the business goals being sought
  3. The Agile Fluency Diagnostic is the best way to establish what your teams need to improve performance and maximize benefits

Earn 1 CEU. Credits are self-reported to the industry certifying bodies. Check their respective websites for details/qualifications.

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Presented by Alan O'Callaghan

Certified Scrum Trainer, Member of the Scrum Patterns Group and of the Agile Fluency Project, Learning Tree Agile Instructor
Alan is an experienced Lean-Agile transformation consultant, a Certified Scrum Trainer (one of less than 250 worldwide) and Agile coach who has worked with large corporations and start-ups alike, helping them to gain fluency in Agile product development.