Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials — NCSC Certified Training

Course 1121

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation
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The quantity and complexity of cyber-attacks on organisations is increasing. As part of any ongoing security framework, security awareness at all levels within the organisation is key. Cyber security is no longer just an IT security issue. For any organisation, the first line of defence must be information security awareness training. The Cyber Fundamentals training will provide essential knowledge, understanding and a solid foundation allowing participants to drive information security awareness across the business

There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials — NCSC Certified Training Delivery Methods

  • Successful completion of the end of course exam will gain you an independent APMG-International GCT certification award

Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials — NCSC Certified Training Course Benefits

  • Understand the business impacts of cyber breached and real-world cyberattacks
  • Reduce business risk exposure and actually reduce costs while increasing overall security posture
  • Generate money and business opportunities from good information security practices
  • Identify the Protection, Defence and Response areas you need to focus on
  • Identify the top 10 Cyber threats
  • Understand the impact of the Internet of Things, social media and mobile smart computing
  • Recognise the real threat in your organisation and how you can address it
  • Understand the latest regulations including the new EU Data Privacy Laws and why you need to comply or face significant fines

Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials Outline

  • Understand who is attacking you and why.
  • How to develop a cyber security strategy and develop a cyber-safe culture within your organisation.
  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements that affect organisation security policies and where to find resources.
  • How to audit your current processes and procedures to identify weaknesses
  • What to do when you are breached including preserving evidence, communicating with your staff, customers, suppliers and authorities.
  • Understand the various cyber security frameworks and establish which are the most appropriate for your organisation.
  • How to keep your organisation and employees cyber safe.

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