Contest Winners

Recommend Your Colleague — Recent Winners

Nebi Bekiri, HCNM
Ferdi Sulejman, HCNM
Vedran Sotonica, HCNM
Tas Hussain, RBC Global Tech Infrastructure
Mohamed Benhelfa, RBC Global Tech Infrastructure
Waqas Ahmed, RBC Global Tech Infrastructure


Twitter Contest — Recent Winners

Gary Page, WCCD Technology Limited
Mark Coole, Crafted


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April 2017
Tina Seabrook, New Forest District Council
Teresa Russell, New Forest District Council
Mark Beckett, New Forest District Council

March 2017
Fatma Kidby, Tate & Lyle
Dan Lodge, Tate & Lyle
Gus Nkwocha, Tate & Lyle

February 2017
Tommy Wright, Travelex
George Bell, Travelex
Jamie Harber, Travelex

January 2017
Linda Naughton, JISC
Sue Attewell, JISC
Paul Stokes, JISC
Shayne Freemantle, Drug Safety Research Unit
Brian Jordan, Drug Safety Research Unit
Shivkumar Pandey, Drug Safety Research Unit
Andrew Wood, AkzoNobel
Kelly Hindmarsh, AkzoNobel
Gemma Trainor, AkzoNobel


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March 2017
Marwan Sherin , Dell
Chris Brown, Barclays Bank Plc

February 2017
John Early, Eastern AHEC/ECU
Nicole Aiken Jimmerson, IBB

January 2017
Kathryn Ortega,
U.S. Marine Corps

Twitter Contest winners are selected weekly. Recommend Your Colleague winners are selected weekly from course participants, whether you attend in-class or live, online via AnyWare®. To enter to win as a course attendee, please visit your courses in your "My Learning Tree" account.

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