SFIA Foundation Accreditation Training

SFIA Foundation Accreditation Training

Take the First Step to Becoming a SFIA Accredited Consultant

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) helps management match the skills of their IT professionals to the requirements of the business. Attending an accredited SFIA training course is just one requirement in the SFIA consultant criteria. Learning Tree can prepare you to apply for SFIA accreditation through courses that satisfy this requirement, which explore how SFIA relates to the practicality of IT skills and capability management in your organisation.

Becoming a SFIA Accredited Consultant:

  1. Attend an official SFIA training course delivered by an accredited SFIA Training Provider:
    Course 3930, Defining IT Skills, Roles and Responsibilities using the SFIA Framework, abides by the SFIA code of practice, ensuring that courses are only given by SFIA Accredited Consultants. This course covers the syllabus issued by the SFIA Foundation, and has been approved by the Foundation to be SFIA6 Ready.

  2. Additional requirements
    • Complete the accredited consultant application form
    • Ensure that your resume/CV is up to date
    • Send the application form and your CV for evaluation to the SFIA Business Administrator

For more information and to access the SFIA Accredited Consultant application, visit the SFIA Foundation website.


Maintain Your Certification:

Visit the SFIA Foundation website for information regarding re-certification.


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