Simulation Workshop: Managing Stakeholders™ Training

Course 3313

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation
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  • 1-day instructor-led training course
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

The ability to understand and build consensus with your stakeholders is the only way to get lasting solutions to problems. Without buy-in, your piece of work is likely to fail or prove costly in both time and effort. This simulation workshop will provide you with the invaluable experience, tools and techniques to build collaborative solutions to problems and overcome resistance to: getting results, decision-making, and change.

This course requires some pre-course reading.

Simulated learning blends immersive 'virtual' gaming with face-to-face tuition to create a 'real-life' learning experience.

Teams of three attendees play the same 'risk-free' scenario (a true ‘level playing field’) which you don’t get in the workplace, so attendees can really get a handle on which specific skills they need to improve, and get help with improving them from our highly-skilled facilitators who add-value and embed learning by sharing their real-life experiences.

The Simulation is based on Academic Research that models human behavioural systems and has high validity - attendees cannot ‘game’ the simulation or ‘fix’ the results. It is a computer based, realistic scenario, playing (and scored) against simulated characters, with their own personalities, beliefs and traits. These stakeholders play back at you, changing their behaviour, based on what you do (using Higher Order Artificial Intelligence). There’s a ‘perfect’ score, based on objectives and a 'perfect' outcome, with attendees assessed on how near the ‘perfect’ answer they get.

Simulation Workshop: Managing Stakeholders™ Training Delivery Methods

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

Simulation Workshop: Managing Stakeholders™ Training Course Benefits

  • Engage and manage different levels of stakeholder - inside and outside your organisation
  • Develop positive relationship management skills for long-term success.
  • Manage difficult or complex stakeholder groups.
  • Practice people skills in a project, through the medium of meetings, emails, phone calls and the media

Simulation Workshop: Managing Stakeholders™ Training Outline

The one-day Managing Stakeholders simulation brings to life the universal leadership challenge of gaining buy-in and approval across a range of interested parties with often different and conflicting interests. Building your knowledge in the ‘soft’ skills of project management as well as testing your ‘hard’ project skills. It simulates many of the issues associated with corporate responsibility, including how to define the ultimate success criteria of projects and the value of reputation. Teams of three people go through the experience together, allowing them to verbalise, reflect and learn from the decisions they make and their results.

  • Managers develop skills by taking decisions; doing - and then by reflecting on the outcomes of these actions.
  • The skill set you need is complex. This system allows you to develop skills that are subtle and are about dealing with situations where there aren't necessarily any “right answers”.
  • You are given an opportunity to make mistakes - but in an environment where mistakes do not cost anything.
  • You and your teams can experience the outcomes of your actions - something we don’t always benefit from in the real world because of the distance between cause and effect.
  • The simulation utilising intelligent, interactive software which will react and respond differently depending on the decisions and actions you take. A trained facilitator will help you maximise your potential and will give a comprehensive review of the results. Through this process you will benchmark you performance and devise an individual action plan for use back in your workplace.
  • Receive honest and immediate feedback - about your actions with our live feedback reporting system – during and after the project.

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