Leading Through Change Training

Level: Foundation

In the pursuit of performance, organisations must embrace change to adapt in an operating environment that is continually changing. This workshop investigates how to prepare and manage the process and address any resistance to implement effectively.

Key Features of this Managing Through Change Training:

  • Concise, live 1-day course taught by an Industry Expert Instructor.
  • Includes practical activities.
  • Course attendance is live, online from internet enabled locations.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply good practice for the successful implementation of organisational change
  • Identify what you can do as a change leader to successfully implement change
  • Break down the concept of change into meaningful actions

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In Class & Live, Online Training

  • Live session taught by an Industry Expert Instructor
  • Includes practical activities
  • Course attendance is live, online from internet-enabled locations
  • Tuition fee can be paid later by invoice -OR- at the time of checkout by credit card
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In Class & Live, Online Training

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Important Leading Through Change Training Information

  • Important Course Information

    Course attendance is live, online from internet enabled locactions. You will be sent a system validation check prior to your training.

Leading Through Change Training Outline

  • Approaching Change Management

    • An organizational constant
    • Operating in an environment shaped by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
    • Roles adopted in change: Drivers and Resisters
    • Ensure you understand the why of change before implementing
  • Implementing Change Management

    • Adopting Lewin’s Force Field Analysis
    • Unfreeze, change and refreeze
    • Incorporating Kotter’s 8 steps to implement change from a leadership perspective
    Set the Stage
    • Creating a sense of urgency
    • The gap analysis between what is and what is required
    • Building the right team, with the mandate to deliver the change
    • Using Lencioni’s approach to create the right change team
    Decide What To Do
    • Getting the change vision right
    • Being clear on the goals and its impact
    • Boiling the strategic intent down
    • How the strategic change goals impact others within the matrix
    • Ensuring the correct critical success factors are available to drive the strategic change
    • Developing and then analysing the strategic change partnerships
    The Impact of Change on Individuals
    • The four phases to consider: Denial, resistance, exploring and commitment
    • How to approach each change and ensure change is not seen as an imposition without rationale
    Communicate for Buy-In
    • Connecting to explain the big picture
    • Getting the communications balance right 
    • Consider what barriers exist that prevent the change ball from continuing to roll
    Empowering Others to Act
    • Consider what barriers exist that prevent the change ball from continuing to roll
    • Consider training to support, internal marketing campaigns to support
    Creating Short Term Wins
    • Highlighting progress towards the end goal
    • Focussing on task as well as behaviour
    • Continuing the push forwards and not letting up
    Making Change Stick
    • The ten dimensions for being proactive with change
    • Creating the culture by homing in on the freeze stage

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Leading Through Change Training FAQs

  • Can I learn to lead through change online?

    Yes! This course is available live online on our public schedule and as Private Team Training.

  • How is this Leading Through Change course different from the Organisational Change Management course?

    The Organisational Change Management course is a 5-day official APMG certification course designed to help you achieve APMG Change Management™ Foundation and Practitioner certifications.

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