Kick-Starting C# Object-Oriented Programming

Level: Foundation
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This Kick-Start to C# Programming training course provides a focused one-day introduction to C# object-oriented features, including the development of a set of related classes that model a business application’s core functionality. You will learn how to write full-featured C# classes containing fields, properties, methods, and events, and how to extend the classes with inheritance.

Key features of this Kick-Start to C# Programming Training:

  • Unlimited annual access to a library of on-demand courses
  • Unlimited retakes of our 1-day class for a year
  • Exclusive LinkedIn group membership for peer and SME community support

You Will Learn How To

  • Harness the object-oriented features of C#
  • Code C# classes with fields, properties, methods and events
  • Model class relationships with associations
  • Extend classes using inheritance
  • Create C# abstract base classes and interfaces

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Unlimited annual access to:

  • 4 on-demand video courses
  • 2 eBooks
  • 1-day instructor-led C# Object-Oriented Programming course
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On Demand & Live Review Session

C# Blended Training Information

  • C# Blended Training Description

    This product offers access to 4 on-demand courses and 2 eBooks that have been mapped directly to the objectives of the 3-day course. At any time during your annual access to this offering, you may attend one of our 1-day course events, Kick-Starting C# Object-Oriented Programming • Course 4641.

On-Demand Training Outline

  • On-Demand Courses

    • C# & Visual Studio
    • Classes & Methods
    • Object-Oriented Programming & Data
    • C# in Practise


    • C# 7 & .NET Core: Modern Cross-Platform Development
    • C# Programming Cookbook

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Kick-Start to C# Programming Training FAQs

  • What background do I need for this Kick-Start to C# Programming course?

    This course is an introduction to C# but not an introduction to computer programming. Experience using a modern procedural language, such as Visual Basic, Pascal, Java, or C/C++ is needed. It is not a sufficient prerequisite if you have only used SQL and/or HTML. Attendees require an understanding of concepts such as data types, variables, declarations, conditionals, loops, expressions, functions, parameter passing, and procedural language flow.
  • Is the on-demand content the same as the 3-day instructor class?

    No. While the content selected does map to the objectives of the instructor-led course, it does not include a recorded version of the instructor-led class. The objectives have been re-imagined to be presented in digital, self-guided formats.
  • What on-demand content will I receive?

    An outline of the content you will receive can be seen above. You will also get access to any new on-demand content that becomes available during your annual enrolment period.
  • Does this include any practical, hands-on learning?

    Yes! Each book and video begins with a step by step guide for you to set up a coding environment on your personal computer. The course content is full of examples and practical advice followed up by the chance to embed your learning through real-world tasks. All example code is available to download, copy and use - giving you the chance to work and practise as you read and watch.
  • How will I access my course materials if I choose this method?

    Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Learning Tree with all the links and information you need to get started.
  • How can I sign up for a review session?

    Once you are enrolled in the program, specific details and dates will be sent to you.
  • How can I bring this Kick-Start to C# Programming course to my facility to train my team on C#?

    Learning Tree provides Private Team Training that can save time and travel costs by training your entire team at once, at a convenient location of your choice. We handle all the details including instructor travel, tailored content, comprehensive course materials, shipping and equipment setup and teardown.

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