The Art of Coaching: Enabling Employees to Achieve Their Potential

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This intensive, Coaching Employees workshop course provides the knowledge and unique skills required to be a successful coach and to foster a mutually supportive environment that is beneficial to both individual and organisational growth. Coaching is one individual working with another to help them improve their performance and reach their potential. Effective implementation of coaching within all levels of an organisation is essential in maximising the return on training investments, enhancing employee motivation and performance, and creating a noticeable improvement in the bottom line.

Key Features of this Coaching Employees Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply coaching techniques to unlock employee potential and maximise performance
  • Harness the art of coaching to forge collaborative relationships
  • Structure a framework for mutually effective learning and development
  • Develop the coaching skills, attitudes and behaviours to foster success at all levels
  • Recognise and adapt to individual and situational differences
  • Create a positive, supportive environment that generates goodwill and engagement



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Important Coaching Employees Course Information

Coaching Employees Course Outline

  • The Powerful Art of Coaching

    The spirit and practise of coaching

    • Creating a symbiotic relationship between organisational and individual performance
    • Building a performance-enhancing culture
    • Forging a partnership of trust and respect

    Benefits of coaching

    • The positive effect on the bottom line
    • Reinforcing and maximising training outcomes
    • Reaping the emotional rewards of achievement

    Coaching: The critical cornerstone of leadership

    • Benchmarking coaching attitudes and skills
    • Experiencing "magnificence"
  • Structuring the Learning and Coaching Cycle

    Setting the foundation

    • Clarifying expectations through well-formed outcomes
    • Examining alternative pathways to achievement
    • Eliciting the current reality
    • Committing to a course of action
    • Drafting the coaching contract

    Supporting the learning process

    • Creating a learning environment
    • Demonstrating the art of high-quality listening
    • Asking structured questions
    • Sharing perceptions
    • Identifying proactive and reactive coaching opportunities

    Reviewing the results

    • Establishing shared insight through quality feedback
    • Encouraging self-evaluation
    • Fostering self-awareness and self-responsibility
    • Closing the loop and reviewing success
  • Honing Your Coaching Skill Set

    Creating a supportive environment

    • Building trust and mutual respect
    • Providing "psychological safety"
    • Demonstrating emotional intelligence

    Leveraging coaching language techniques

    • Utilising the questioning technique
    • The use of silence
    • Reinforcement
    • Redirecting
    • Reframing
    • Coaching language patterns
    • Clarifying goals
    • Solving problems
    • Overcoming limiting beliefs
    • Exploring deeper emotions
  • Adapting Your Coaching Style to Individuals and Situations

    Developing insight into self and others

    • Assessing individual needs
    • Eliciting values and motivators
    • Setting challenging and realistic goals

    Adopting appropriate coaching styles

    • Profiling your personal behaviour patterns
    • Managing the coaching dynamic
    • Selecting effective interventions
    • Flexing between different coaching styles

    Overcoming internal and external barriers to coaching

    • Challenging mental models
    • Recognising and addressing reluctance

    Team coaching

    • Creating a common vision of excellence
    • Ensuring interactivity for maximum benefit
  • Coaching for Commitment

    The passion of the coach

    • Instilling passion and commitment in others
    • Unleashing the power of positive dialog
    • Optimising individuality and uniqueness
    • Co-achieving through mutual support and learning
    • Promoting transformational coaching

    Meeting the moral commitment of modern leadership

    • Creating the climate for performance excellence
    • Providing leadership to instill self-belief

Coaching Employees Training FAQs

  • How is coaching employees different from training them?

    Coaching is one individual working with another to help them improve their performance and reach their potential by expanding upon their knowledge rather than training an individual by transferring knowledge to them that they did not originally know.

  • How can I bring this course to my facility to train my team to coach their employees?

    Enhance your team's effectiveness and boost productivity with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organisation, live online, or to any preferred location!

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  • Can I earn Professional Development Units for The Art of Coaching: Enabling Employees to Achieve Their Potential course?

    Yes, you can receive PDUs from The Art of Coaching: Enabling Employees to Achieve Their Potential course.

    To find out how many PDUs you can receive, check out the PMI Q&A List ›

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