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This Atlassian JIRA Portfolio Training course provides trainees with an in-depth look at the concepts behind Atlassian's PPM add-on for JIRA, including an introduction to the tool and its uses. The lab environment (an instance of JIRA with JIRA Portfolio) provides a practical working area to engage with. This enables you to benefit from seeing JIRA Portfolio in action within real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge.

You Will Learn How To

  • use JIRA Portfolio effectively
  • understand and apply key functionality like initiatives, reporting and planning

Important Course Information

Recommended Experience

A basic knowledge of Windows interfaces is recommended prior to attending this course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction

What is JIRA portfolio?

  • Business Goals
  • Development Realities


  • Initiatives
  • Teams
  • Releases
  • Epics & Stories
  • The Interface


The Schedule

Plan Views

  • Initiatives
  • Releases
  • Epics
  • Stories

Lab Exercises

  • Explore the interface
  • Answer Questions
    • What are our Business Goals?
    • What are our Development Realities?
  • Planning


  • Blank
  • Classic
  • Scrum
  • Kanban


  • Defining Releases
  • Setting a release date
  • Assigning initiatives to a release

The Backlog

  • Initiatives
  • Priorities
  • Column View

Lab Exercises

  • Define a release
  • Add Initiatives to the release
  • People


  • Teams
  • Team Members
    • JIRA users
    • Virtual users
  • Availability
    • Absence
  • Skills


Lab Exercises

  • Add a new team member
  • Define availability
  • Plan Absence
  • Define skills
  • Initiatives

Creating Initiatives

  • Importing

Assigning teams

  • Assigning members


Categorising initiatives


Lab Exercises

  • Create an initiative
  • Assign a team
  • Define some tasks
  • Estimate
  • Assign a theme
  • Define a dependency
  • Prioritize your initiative
  • Reporting, Viewing Progress and Solving Bottlenecks


  • Resource allocation targets by theme
  • Schedule
  • Releases

Re-allocating Capacity


Viewing progress

Lab Exercises

  • Define resource targets
  • Comparing targets to actual values
  • Solving a bottleneck
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