(VSACICM) VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage Training

Level: Intermediate

This training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vCloud® Automation Center™. This course covers the configuration and use of the vCloud Automation Center platform self-service provisioning and creation of on-demand private and multivendor cloud services.

Key Features of this VSACICM Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Understand the vCloud Automation Center architecture and use case in today’s multivendor cloud environments
  • Install and configure vCloud Automation Center 6.0
  • Deploy Distributed Execution Managers and agents for vCloud Automation Center connectivity
  • Create endpoints to support compute fabric connectivity
  • Manage vCloud Automation Center 6.0 entities on VMware®, third-party hardware, and cloud infrastructures
  • Configure vCloud Automation Center infrastructure services
  • Configure and manage tenants and blueprints
  • Configure and manage a service catalog
  • Configure and manage role-based access control
  • Request and manage machines using the user portal
  • Understand and configure vCloud Automation Center workflows
  • Integrate VMware® vCenter™ Orchestrator™ with vCloud Automation Center
  • Automate application provisioning with VMware vCloud® Application Director™
  • Manage and monitor machines and resource reclamation

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VSACICM Training Information

  • Requirements

    • VMware vSphere 5.x: Install, Configure, Manageor equivalent knowledge

    Learning Tree Training Vouchers cannot be used to pay for the tuition fee for this course.

    This course is delivered by a Learning Tree approved training partner.

VSACICM Training Outline

  • 1 Course Introduction

    • Introductions and course logistics
    • Course outline
    • Course goals
    • Course objectives
  • 2 VMware vCloud Automation Center Architecture and Components

    • Identify the benefits of the software-defined data center
    • Explore the architecture for deploying vCloud Automation Center as a cloud management platform for a multivendor hybrid cloud
    • Identify the components of vCloud Automation Center
    • Identify vCloud Automation Center design options
    • Define network ports and protocols required for communication between vCloud Automation Center components
    • Explain role-based access control
    • Define the user interface elements of vCloud Automation Center
    • Explain how vCloud Automation Center integrates with other VMware products
  • 3 Distributed Execution Managers and Agents

    • Explain the role of Distributed Execution Managers (DEMs) and agents
    • Define the DEM roles
    • Explain the types of agents and agent relationships
  • 4 Configuring Infrastructure Services

    • Define the relationships between vCloud Automation Center entities
    • Identify and configure vCloud Automation Center endpoints
    • Demonstrate how vCloud Automation Center discovers compute resources
    • Define the vCloud Automation Center roles
    • Create tenants
    • Create and manage reservations for compute resources
    • Create and manage blueprints
    • Manage service catalog items and approval policies
  • 5 Provisioning Machines

    • Demonstrate navigation and provisioning of new services
    • Manage self-provisioned machines
  • 6 Monitoring and Reclamation

    • Identify and verify inactive and abandoned resources
    • Manage machine leases
    • Manage machine reclamation
    • Back up and restore vCloud Automation Center
  • 7 Operational Management

    • Install and configure VMware® IT Business Management Suite™Standard Edition
    • Report financial data for a cloud infrastructure
  • 8 Extensibility

    • Explain extensibility and customization options
    • Use custom properties
    • Use build profiles
    • Use the property dictionary
    • Use Advanced Service Designer and vCenter Orchestrator
    • Use plug-ins for external integration
  • 9 Managing Applications

    • Define the role of vCloud Application Director
    • Identify the vCloud Application Director infrastructure components and requirements
    • Deploy and manage vCloud Application Director
    • Configure application provisioning
    • Create, manage, and update applications
    • Manage catalog services
  • 10 Installation

    • Explain the vCloud Automation Center installation prerequisites
    • Identify the vCloud Automation Center appliances and component installers
    • Define the vCloud Automation Center installation procedure


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