(HK902) Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training

Level: Foundation

This 3 day IDL overviews 3PAR hardware and architecture along with giving administrators insight in to the constructs within the 3PAR array family. Students will explore Virtual Volumes and Thin Provisioning along with performing other administrative tasks via both GUI and CLI methods. The class discusses local and remote data copies along with reporting, scheduling and space management.

Key Features of this Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Know the numbering schemes for the HP 3PAR hardware components
  • Understand data flow and communication concepts in an HP 3PAR controller node
  • Use Management Console 4.3 GUI and CLI
  • Set-up a Common Provisioning Group (CPG) and manage alerts
  • Create a Thin Provisioned Virtual Volume (TPVV)
  • Use Autonomic Groups to simplify provisioning storage
  • Change volume RAID, availability, and service levels using Dynamic Optimization
  • Administer Virtual Volumes using the CLI and Management Console 4.3 GUI to manage space
  • Create a Virtual Copy Volume (Snapshot)
  • Create, manage, and remove a Virtual Domain

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Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training Information

  • Requirements

    • Students should have an understanding of general storage concepts, preferably having studied Fibre Channel theory, and should at least be OS proficient at the 'operator' level.

    Learning Tree Training Vouchers cannot be used to pay for the tuition fee for this course.

    This course is delivered by a Learning Tree approved training partner.

Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training Outline

  • Module 1: HP 3PAR Solution Overview

    • Benefits and advantages of HP 3PAR technology vs. traditional arrays
    • HP 3PAR hardware offerings
    • Basic HP 3PAR high availability advantages
    • Advantages of cache persistence and persistent ports
    • Data flow and communication concepts in an HP 3PAR controller node
  • Module 2: Management Console GUI and CLI Introduction

    • Installing Management Console GUI and Command Line (CLI)
    • Logging to the GUI and CLI
    • GUI basic features and CLI basic commands
    • Management Console GUI and CLI benefits
  • Module 3: 7200/7400 Hardware Overview

    • HP 3PAR controller options basics
    • Drive cage expandability options
  • Module 4: T Series/F Series/V Series Hardware Overview

    • HP 3PAR hardware components basics
    • HP 3PAR hardware components numbering schemes
    • Gen3 and Gen4 ASIC chip functionality
  • Module 5: Storage Concepts and Terminology

    • HP 3PAR provisioning terminology
    • HP 3PAR concept of a disk chunklet and Logical Disk (LD)
    • HP 3PAR concept of a Common Provisioning Group (CPG)
    • HP 3PAR Virtual Volumes (VV) types
  • Module 6: Storage Configuration

    • CPGs using Management Console GUI and CLI
    • Fully provisioned and thin provisioned VVs using Management Console GUI and CLI
  • Module 7: Host Connectivity and Storage Allocation

    • Supported operating systems
    • How to prepare a host to access an HP 3PAR storage array
    • Creating hosts in an HP 3PAR storage array
    • Adding FC ports to a host
    • Export VVs to a host as VLUNs
    • Uexport VVs/VLUNs from a host
    • Using Management Console GUI and CLI to work with hosts and storage
  • Module 8: Autonomic Groups: Host Sets and Volume Sets

    • Host and volume sets advantages
    • Creating and maintaining host and volume sets
    • Management Console GUI and CLI to work with host and volume sets
    • Host and volume sets guidelines and rules
  • Module 9: Dynamic Optimization

    • Dynamic Optimization (DO) benefits
    • Changing VV RAID level
    • Changing VV setsize and availability level
    • Changing VV service level
    • Changing VV user data and copy space
  • Module 10: Thin Technologies

    • Benefits of the Zero Detection/Thin Persistence feature
    • Administering Virtual Volumes using the CLI to manage space
    • Perform an online Thick to Thin online conversion
  • Module 11: Virtual and Physical Copy

    • Virtual and Physical Copy benefits
    • Creating a Virtual Copy volume
    • Physical Copy Functionality
    • Using Management Console GUI and CLI to manage Virtual and Physical Copies
  • Module 12: Virtual Domains

    • Virtual domains concepts
    • User’s privileges for domains
    • Creating and removing a domain
    • Creating and managing domain objects
    • Working with virtual domains using Management Console GUI and CLI

Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training FAQs

  • Can I learn Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I Training online?

    Yes! We know your busy work schedule may prevent you from getting to one of our classrooms which is why we offer convenient online training to meet your needs wherever you want, including online training.

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