Nintex O365 Forms Training

Level: Intermediate

In this Nintex O365 forms training, you gain a comprehensive overview of the Nintex O365 Forms platform. Learn to leverage the Nintex O365 Forms platform to save time, boost productivity, and enhance your organisational processes. In this Nintex training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to rapidly create forms that automate business practises. Learn Nintex best practises to maximise the effectiveness of your forms.

Key Features of this Nintex O365 Forms Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Build intelligent and interactive forms to capture data
  • Customise default SharePoint forms
  • Create forms for a mobile workforce

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In Class & Live, Online Training

  • 2-day instructor-led training course
  • One-on-one after course instructor coaching
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In Class & Live, Online Training

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Important Nintex O365 Forms Training Information

  • Requirements

    • Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint Online
    • Able to configure lists and libraries

Nintex O365 Forms Training Outline

  • Introducing Nintex Forms

    • Exploring Nintex form solutions
    • Presenting the form case study
    • Building Nintex Forms with the Nintex Responsive Designer vs. Nintex Classic Designer
  • Setting up the SharePoint environment

    • Configuring lists and libraries for information gathering
  • Initialising the Nintex environment

    • Adding the Nintex Forms App
    • Saving and publishing the form
  • Customising form layout and design

    • Translating manual forms to Nintex forms
    • Tailoring the look and feel of the form
    • Improving the design with images, borders and labels
    • Constructing Forms with Form Controls
  • Managing user input

    • Gathering information with buttons, choices and yes/no controls
    • Obtaining data with single text boxes, multiline text boxes, rich text controls, and date/time controls
    • Capturing multiple values with the repeating section control
  • Manipulating form data

    • Calculating numeric values in the form
    • Concatenating text-based data
  • Retrieving data from alternative sources

    • Retrieving information with the list lookup control
    • Selecting and identifying users with the people control
  • Viewing content in the form

    • Grouping a set of controls
    • Verifying Data Entries
  • Creating validation rules

    • Authenticating data in the form
    • Constructing rules and conditions
    • Applying conditional formatting
  • Utilising custom functions for complex validation

    • Gathering user information
    • Publishing Nintex Forms
  • Deploying to SharePoint

    • Previewing changes
    • Updating list and library forms
  • Broadcasting to mobile devices

    • Optimising forms for mobile devices
    • Deploying to mobile devices
  • Utilising the Nintex mobile app

    • Rendering forms on the Nintex mobile app
    • Reviewing and responding to tasks

Team Training

Nintex O365 Forms Training FAQs

  • What background do I need for this Nintex O365 Forms course?

    You will need a working knowledge of SharePoint Online.

  • Are Workflow Actions of Nintex O365 the same as Nintex with SharePoint on-premise?

    Many of the Workflow actions are similar but there are differences between the 2 platforms.

  • Do I need to take this course if I am familiar with Nintex Forms in SharePoint 2016/2019?

    Forms that are developed with the SharePoint Nintex Forms platform cannot be imported into the O365 environment. Also, there are some forms actions that are available in the on-premise environment but not available yet in the O365 environment and visa versa where there are some forms actions available in the O365 environment but not available in the on-premise environment.

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