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Developing Java Web Applications

Course: 570   Duration: 4 Days

You Will Learn How To

  • Create dynamic, data-driven web applications by integrating key components of Java EE
  • Generate dynamic web pages with JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • Personalise content for users with cookies and sessions using the Java Servlet API
  • Integrate JSP custom tags to minimise scriptlet code

Who Should Attend

Those involved in developing web applications with Java who have knowledge of Java at the level of Course 471, "Java Programming Comprehensive Introduction", plus real-world Java programming experience.

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Installing and configuring a servlet/JSP server
  • Personalising a website using sessions
  • Leveraging reusable components and JavaServer Pages
  • Integrating JSP custom tags
  • Developing MVC components using the JavaServer Faces framework
  • Building a web front-end to an existing database

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Productivity through Education®

Developing Java Web Applications

Course: 570   Duration: 4 Days
Course Content

Introduction and Overview

Web application development

  • The requirements of a web application
  • Components of an n-tier architecture

Generating Content with Servlets

Getting started with servlets

  • Integrating servlets into the web application architecture
  • Configuring the servlet development environment
  • Avoiding common servlet pitfalls

Utilising the Java Servlet API

  • Servlet life cycle methods
  • Accessing servlet environment variables

Creating web-based forms for user input

  • Adding text fields and drop-down lists
  • Retrieving form data in the servlet

Accessing Databases with Servlets

Extending servlets with Java Database Connectivity

  • Connecting to the database
  • Submitting SQL statements
  • Retrieving and processing data

Formatting database results

  • Constructing an HTML table
  • Adding drill-down features

Maintaining State in Java Web Applications

Writing cookies to personalise web content

  • Retrieving cookies from a client request
  • Sending cookies to the client
  • Circumventing cookie limitations

Managing application state with sessions

  • Creating a unique session for each user
  • Storing and retrieving Java objects within sessions
  • Controlling a session's life span
  • Creating application and session event listeners
  • Implementing a shopping cart

Key components of Java EE for web development

  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • XML

Creating JavaServer Pages (JSP)

JSP fundamentals

  • Using JSP scriptlets, expressions and declarations
  • Communicating with the client using built-in JSPserver objects
  • Leveraging the JSP 2 Expression Language (EL)

State management with JSP

  • Accessing cookies and sessions
  • Storing common application data

Designing JSP and Servlet Architectures

Integrating JSP and JavaBeans

  • Promoting object reuse
  • Separating application logic from the presentation

Calling JSP from servlets

  • Forwarding Java objects to JSP
  • Using JavaBeans to transfer data
  • Servlet and JSP design patterns

Integrating JSP Custom Tags

Leveraging the Tag Extension mechanism

  • The role of JSP custom tags
  • Applying the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Developing custom tags

  • Creating custom tags with JSP 2 tag files
  • Customising tag behaviour with attributes

Developing JavaServer Faces (JSF) Applications

JSF framework overview

  • Identifying the JSF core components
  • Managing application flow using JSF navigation model

Building JSF components

  • Developing back beans
  • Creating views with JSF custom tags
0800 282 353 or +44 1372 364610
Productivity through Education®

Developing Java Web Applications

Course: 570   Duration: 4 Days

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