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Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity

Course: 289   Duration: 4 Days   PMI: 23

You Will Learn How To

  • Create a business continuity plan and methodology for implementation
  • Perform Business Impact Assessment (BIA) to identify vulnerabilities
  • Deploy an alternate site for continuity of mission-critical activities
  • Identify appropriate strategies to recover the infrastructure
  • Organise and manage recovery teams

Who Should Attend

Anyone responsible for ensuring the continuity of an organisation's critical systems or processes, including project and business managers, help desk personnel and human resources professionals.

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Assessing threats and avoiding disasters
  • Identifying the impact on critical business functions
  • Recognising alternatives for continuing business functions
  • Organising team structures for use in an emergency
  • Creating a recovery plan from the response to a disaster

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Productivity through Education®

Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity

Course: 289   Duration: 4 Days   PMI: 23
Course Content

Introduction and Overview

  • Business continuity vs. disaster recovery
  • Clarifying the terminology
  • Why a recovery plan is a crucial asset
  • Sources of threat
  • Codes of practice and legislative requirements

Measuring Risk and Avoiding Disaster

Assessing risk in the enterprise

  • Choosing the assessment method
  • The five-step risk process
  • Matching the response to the threat

Identifying mission-critical continuity needs

  • Evaluating which functions are critical
  • Setting priorities based on time horizons
  • Prioritising processes and applications

Implementing disaster avoidance

  • Avoiding disasters by taking preventative actions
  • Creating contingency plans for unavoidable threats

The four-step Business Impact Assessment (BIA)

  • Identifying the threat
  • Assessing the risk to the enterprise
  • Identifying business-critical activities
  • Specifying required IT support from technical staff

Designing Recovery Solutions

Establishing a disaster recovery site

  • Site choices: configuration and acquisition
  • Choosing suppliers: in-house vs. third-party
  • Specifying equipment

Selecting backup and restore strategies

  • Matching strategy to operational constraints
  • Meeting the organisation's storage requirements for vital records

Restoring communications and recovering users

  • Determining vital users with the BIA
  • Rerouting voice, mail, goods delivery
  • Eliminating network single points of failure
  • Connecting end users
  • Meeting varied user-recovery needs

Implementing a Project Management Approach

Managing and documenting the planning project

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Analysing stakeholder needs
  • Obtaining the funding commitments
  • Defining clear goals at the start
  • Agreeing on critical success factors

Running the project

  • Controlling the project via tracking
  • Managing risks and issues
  • Testing deliverables

Responding to Disaster

Creating the recovery plan

  • Capturing the planning output
  • Creating recovery-team charters
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Responding to recovery scenarios
  • Information directories and equipment inventories

Directing the disaster recovery teams

  • Setting up the command centre
  • Planning and conducting Crisis Communications
  • Connecting with emergency services
  • Team actions following a disaster

Assuring the Plan and Applying Document Management

Rehearsing the business continuity plan

  • The reasons for testing the plan
  • Considering the impact on the organisation's activities
  • Using a step-by-step process to test the plan
  • Developing test scenarios and using test results effectively
  • Building a recovery plan based on best practices

Maintaining the business continuity plan

  • Applying change control: why and how
  • Ensuring normal developments are accounted for
  • Scheduling regular reviews
  • Applying document management discipline to the plan
  • Considering automated tools to support the business continuity plan
0800 282 353 or +44 1372 364610
Productivity through Education®

Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity

Course: 289   Duration: 4 Days   PMI: 23

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