APMG Change Management™: Achieving Practitioner Certification

Course 288 | 5 Days

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APMG Change Management™:  Achieving Practitioner Certification

You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare for and take the APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner Exams
  • Improve exam-taking techniques with practice exams
  • Profile individual and group behaviour exhibited during change
  • Enhance individual and team dynamics for high performance
  • Critique an organisation's readiness for change with proven techniques
Participants preparing for the APMG exams.

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Taking the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Certification exams
  • Daily exam practice and review sessions
  • Applying the GROW model to coach and sustain individuals undergoing organisational change
  • Designing a practical framework for positive engagement with organisational change

About This Course: This course prepares you for the APMG Change Management Foundation Exam, given on Day 4, and Practitioner Exam, given on Day 5. Pre-course reading materials provided include the Making Sense of Change Management textbook, the APMG Change Management Practitioner Handbook and the Learning Tree Pre-Course Study Guide.

  • Course Info

    Course Content

    Foundation and Practitioner Exams

    Creating the conditions for exam success

    • Gaining insight into the exam process
    • Applying proven tips for exam success
    • Practising with test questions and mock papers
    • Incorporating feedback for improved performance

    Foundation Exam: Day 4

    • Taking the exam
    • Obtaining your Foundation Exam results

    Practitioner Exam: Day 5

    • Completing the necessary APMG paperwork
    • Taking the exam

    Focusing on the Individual and Change

    Introduction to change management

    • Building a change management road map
    • Defining organisational change
    • Integrating change into an organisational structure

    Personalising the change plan

    • Applying the four organisational metaphors
    • Creating a change plan that accommodates how different personalities handle change
    • Reviewing personality and team models

    Coaching to deliver change

    • Facilitating change using the GROW model
    • Adapting communication to learning styles
    • Managing change in ourselves and others
    • Preparing managers and change agents to guide others through the change process

    Team Dynamics for Successful Change

    Team roles and personality types

    • Employing diversity as an asset for collaboration
    • Selecting the appropriate leadership style

    Establishing a high-performing change team

    • Building an effective team using a five-step approach
    • Creating, facilitating and sustaining team effectiveness
    • Accelerating team evolution using a four-stage model
    • Leading teams from forming through performing stages

    Assessing Organisational Change Readiness

    Preparing the organisation for change

    • Capturing likelihood of acceptance through three change practise models
    • Customising your change management strategy using metaphors, models and tools
    • Adapting your change management rollout

    Applying four dynamic transitional approaches

    • Change formula
    • Managing transition
    • Systemic change
    • Complex responses

    Recognising success and failure

    • Implementing lessons learned
    • Employing a four-step process model

    Leading Change

    Leadership roles in the change process

    • Deploying a dispersed leadership model
    • Four key roles for success: sponsor, implementer, advocate and agent

    Leadership and phases of change

    • Getting the early steps right
    • Avoiding change fatigue
    • Leading through transition
    • The benefits of self-awareness in leading change
    • Adhering to leadership principles

    Selecting a leadership style profile

    • Matching leadership style and organisational metaphors
    • Five leadership styles: visionary, transformational, storytelling, adaptive and connective

    Modifying your leadership style to the change environment

    • Connecting the appropriate leadership style to individual, team and organisational requirements
    • Enhancing process and framework capabilities

    Identifying and engaging stakeholders

    • Deploying SIMSCom: stakeholder identification,mapping, strategy, communication and management
    • Constructing an effective AIDA[S] framework for stakeholders: attention, interest, desire and action

    Important Course Information

    • A minimum of 15 hours of pre-course reading preparation
    • Pre-course reading materials are provided: Making Sense of Change Management, the APMG Change Management Practitioner Handbook and the Learning Tree Pre-course Study Guide
    • 2 hours of home study each evening

    Who Should Attend

    Those wishing to achieve Change Management Practitioner Certification.

    Training Hours

    Days 1 - 4 class hours:
    9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    60-minute lunch
    Two 15-minute breaks

    Day 4, Foundation* Exam:
    11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    Day 5 class hours, Practitioner Exam*:
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    *All AnyWare remote attendees will need to contact our Learning Tree Customer Service department prior to their course start date in order to make arrangements for taking the necessary Change Management exams.

  • More Course Info

    What is this course about?

    This course prepares you for the APMG Change Management Foundation Exam, given on Day 4, and Practitioner Exam, given on Day 5. You learn how to build practical skill sets for delivering effective change within your workplace, including approaches to achieve buy-in and handle continuous change. This course provides examples of individual, team and organizational behaviors that exhibit the appropriate leadership styles to facilitate successful change.

    Are there any pre-course study requirements?

    Yes. A minimum of 15 hours of pre-course reading is required. The pre-course reading materials include Making Sense of Change Management, the APMG Change Management Practitioner Handbook and the Learning Tree Pre-course Study Guide, and are sent to you approximately three weeks prior the course. Furthermore, during the course, two hours of home study are required each evening.

    What background do I need?

    This course is applicable to both those effecting and those affected by change in the workplace. Previous Change Management experience is recommended but not required.

    Who will benefit from this course?

    This course is valuable for individuals wishing to achieve the APMG Change Management Certification. Anyone who must interact effectively with others to facilitate or direct change will find this course useful.

    Which Change Management exam should I take?

    Ideally, you should take both exams. Two levels of certification are offered - Foundation and Practitioner. You cannot attain Practitioner level without first passing the Foundation exam. Both certifications are valuable, with the Practitioner Certification demonstrating a higher level of ability to apply Change Management within organisational situations.

    Will I receive my Practitioner Exam score?

    If you pass the exam, you will not receive your score. If you fail the exam, your score is provided to you together with feedback on your exam.

    What are the benefits of achieving the APMG Change Management Foundation Certification?

    The APM Group (APMG) is the international exam and accreditation authority responsible for offering a suite of qualifications including ITIL®, PRINCE2® and MSP®. The APMG Change Management Certification recognizes knowledge and experience in dealing with the theories of how change impacts, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and leaders of change initiatives. Successful completion of the APMG Change Management Certification demonstrates an individual's solid understanding of managing and leading change.

    When are the exams offered? How many questions must I answer correctly in order to pass?

    The Foundation Exam is taken on Day 4, starting at 11am. This is a one-hour, multiple-choice exam with no reference material allowed. There are 60 questions, and 30 of these questions must be answered correctly in order to pass. Since passing this exam is required to take the Practitioner Exam, the Foundation Exam is graded during the course. Once you have passed the Foundation Exam, you are eligible to take the Practitioner Exam on Day 5, starting at 9:30am. This three-hour exam contains 80 objective test questions. To pass the Practitioner test, 40 of the 80 exam questions must be answered correctly..

    What happens if I fail the Foundation or Practitioner Exam?

    If you fail the Foundation Exam, you can retake it during this course. If you do not pass, you may not take the Practitioner Exam. If you pass the Foundation Exam but fail the Practitioner Exam, you will receive an APM Group Foundation Certificate from Learning Tree. You will have the opportunity to re-sit the Practitioner Exam during a future course event. You do not have to retake this course. Additional cost is involved in retaking the Practitioner Exam.

    How long does it take to receive results?

    The APMG delivers results to Learning Tree within two to four weeks of receiving exams. However, with the growing popularity, it occasionally takes longer. Learning Tree will mail your Practitioner Exam results to you.

    How much time is spent on each topic?

    This course features extended hours. Monday through Thursday class meets from 9am to 5pm, with a 60 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks. On Friday class meets from 9am to 4.30pm with a 60 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

    Taking the Foundation Exam1.0
    Preparing for the Practitioner Exam4.0
    Taking the Practitioner Exam 3.0
    Introduction to Change Management3.0
    Focusing on the individual and change7.0
    Team dynamics for successful change4.0
    Assessing organisational change readiness4.5
    Leading change 3.5

    Times, including the workshops, are estimates; exact times may vary according to the needs of each class.

    How much time is devoted to the workshops?

    Approximately 45 percent of this course is spent performing exercises and sample exam questions. Activities include:

    • Practicing exam questions
    • Designing a practical framework for positive engagement with organisational change
    • Identifying leadership and motivational factors for successful change
    • Creating your best practice model
    • Highlighting the importance of combining individual, team, organisational and leadership aspects
    • Developing an integrated strategy designed to reduce resistance to change

    I'm attending this course from work using AnyWare-Learning Tree's web-based remote attendance platform. How will that impact what I learn?

    You will participate fully in the course and acquire the same knowledge and skills as your classmates who participate in the classroom. You will have the same course materials, be able to easily communicate back and forth and ask questions of your instructors and peers.

    I currently hold the Foundation Certification and want to be Practitioner certified. Should I take this course?

    If you already have the Foundation Certification, then about 45 percent of the material presented in this course will be review for you. If it has been three months or more since you took the Foundation Exam, then this course will provide an excellent refresher as you learn the new materials and prepare for the Practitioner Exam. If you present your Foundation Certificate, you are not required to retake the Foundation Exam on Day 4.

    What is the relationship between Learning Tree and the APM Group (APMG)?

    Both Learning Tree and this course have been accredited by the APMG. As an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), Learning Tree and its trainers have been approved to deliver this course and proctor/invigilate the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Exams. APMG is responsible for providing the exams, scoring them and notifying Learning Tree of the results.

    How can I continue my professional development after I receive Change Management Certification?

    For further related training, you may be interested in these courses:

    For more information on these Learning Tree courses, please request the individual course Q&As.

  • Certification/Credits

    Many Learning Tree courses provide college credit and industry continuing education credits. You can also earn a Learning Tree Professional Certification in your area of expertise and prepare for popular industry certifications. See below for continuing professional development credits associated with this course.

    APM Group--Change ManagementLearning Tree is an accredited Change Management Training Provider. The APMG has accredited this course and its instructors as providing high-quality training in Change Management. Read More...
    PMI 29 PDUThis course is approved by PMI® for 29 professional development units (PDUs). For more on the Project Management Institute and a full list of courses approved for PDUs. Read More...
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