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Earn Learning Tree Specialist & Expert Certifications in These Areas:

Specialist Certification


  • Successful completion of TWO Specific Courses.
  • Successful completion of Certification Exams associated with the Specific Courses.

Expert Certification


  • Successful completion of THREE Specific Courses.
  • Successful completion of Certification Exams associated with the Specific Courses.
  • Successful completion of an in-depth, Hands-On Assessment Exam.

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Learning Tree Certifications

Credentials You Will Receive:

  • Framed diploma, which documents your achievement as a Certified Specialist or Expert.
  • Permission to utilise the Certificate Logo on your business cards and CV.
  • Transcript of the Specific Courses that you've successfully completed.
  • Certification Pin

In addition to the following Specialist and Expert Certifications being certified by Learning Tree, the programmes are endorsed by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM):

  • Business Analysis
  • Communication
  • Management & Leadership
  • Project Management

When you successfully complete a Learning Tree Specialist or Expert Certification in one of these areas, you will also receive an ILM endorsed certificate recognising your achievement.

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  • Learning Tree Certification DiplomaOnce inside your personal 'My Learning Tree' Account, click on the 'My Certifications' icon to view your Specialist and Expert Certification progress and elect to participate in the certifications you intend to earn.
  • By documenting in 'My Learning Tree' the Certification(s) that you intend to pursue, you will automatically become eligible for Complimentary Guidance, Special Tuition Fee Savings and other benefits.
  • Attend the required Specific Courses and take the Certification Exams to achieve Specialist or Expert Certification.
    All your prior and future courses, along with your exam results, will appear within your personal 'My Learning Tree' Account to help you track your progress towards Certification.

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